Why are there so many programming languages?

Longtime Slashdot reader Theodop wrote:

Remembering the previous A view of the Pc Historical past Museum as if Evolution of programming languagesDoug Maile ponders the age-old query Why are there so many programming languages? in new Communications of the ACM Weblog publish.

“The boldness of the PL/I (1964) is value noting and admiring,” writes Maile. ‘ programming language’ The identify says all of it: No programming language 1. 2, 3 or 4 required. [Meil expands on this thought in Lessons from PL/I: A Most Ambitious Programming Language.] even when PL/IPlans to be Highlander Pc programming designers didn’t play as they thought, they had been nonetheless pulling a key thread within the software program. Why so many languages? This query was requested till the early Sixties.

Certainly one of PL/I’s largest followers is the founding father of Digital Analysis Inc. (DRI). Gary KildallPL/I-inspired PL/M (Programming Language for Microcomputers) in 1973 for Intel. However IBM PL/I price greater than the languages ​​it sought to interchange, contributing to PL/I congestion. (IBM’s settlement with Microsoft, together with the road stating that the rollback of Kildall’s CP/MOS OS resulted in a value differential, bundled right into a ‘non-royalty’ contract with every PC. Home windows was bought at $40 CP/M. It was supplied ‘a la carte’ at $240.) comp.lang.pl1 poster Defined in 2006.“The reality of the matter is Gresham’s legislation: “Dangerous cash destroys good issues” or Ruskin’s precept: “Hoi polloi at all times favor the smaller and cheaper product. Superior, costlier“They’re in cost right here.”

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