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The Internet has changed the way we handle everything in our lives. Now you can access anything you want in seconds, especially using smartphones. Not limited to information and unlimited entertainment. Like anything else, there are pros and cons to this. This unlimited availability of information and content can pose a danger to some users, especially younger users, and can lead to immoral or unhealthy activities, or even activities that violate the law. That’s why many people use phone monitoring software and parental control apps. These programs allow you to ensure your children’s safety by exercising caution and preventing them from harmful activities and ensuring that the content they are exposed to is appropriate for their age and does not endanger them.

Top 5 remote phone monitoring software

Factors for choosing the best phone monitoring software

There are so many options for phone monitoring apps and software that it can be confusing to choose the right product. android and iPhone monitoring. Below is a list of some of the factors you should consider to make the best choice.

Resources and properties

The first and probably the most important factor to consider is the set of features that the remote phone monitoring software offers you. You want to make sure the app you’re considering offers everything you need. The best way is to start by creating a list of all the functions and features you need in the program or app you intend to use, and then start researching.

customer service

It is very important to make sure that the mobile monitoring software offers good customer service. You certainly don’t want to wait days for your questions to be answered and your concerns resolved. To be sure of this, you can try to speak with the customer service of the program you are considering purchasing before making the payment. With this, you will check the quality of care.


Any good company offering phone monitoring services will have a website complete with all the important information you need to use the app. If you cannot find the website of any mobile monitoring software, take this as a sign to be careful.

Return policy

It is preferable that you know the return policy of the application or program you intend to purchase in order to be prepared for any problem that requires it. You can find the return policy page on the app’s official website. If you can’t find it, this might be a good opportunity to speak with the app’s customer service.

Best remote phone monitoring software

Now is the time to reveal the best phone monitoring software out there. Here is a list of the best options available:

1. mSpy

If you are looking for a phone monitoring software that offers everything you need, then you can stop looking when you get to mSpy. It is one of the best parental control apps that allows you to monitor your children’s online activity.

mSpy app comes with advanced monitoring functions like device location, Wi-Fi networks, multimedia files, call logs, social media chats, text messages, chats, etc. WhatsApp, screen recording, internet activity monitoring, calendar, contact access and much more. You can also use the remote phone monitoring software for free by subscribing to the free trial.

All you have to do is install the app on the target device and you will start receiving all the information in the mSpy control panel installed on your smartphone.


  • Works with iOS and Android
  • More features than any other phone monitoring software
  • Protect phones from theft with location tracking
  • Free seven-day trial
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • great customer support


  • You will need to pay for advanced features after the free trial period.

2. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is a good phone monitoring software that you can use to monitor your kids’ online activities. You can use it to track your kid’s smartphone data including WhatsApp chats, calls, SMS, media files and much more. However, this app is quite expensive compared to most other monitoring software. All data is displayed on the FlexiSPY app dashboard.

It is important to note that there are some features available on FlexiSPY that many people find unethical. For example, it can access the target cell phone’s camera and keyboard recording.


  • Offers many features
  • Works with iOS and Android
  • Instant messages can be easily checked


  • Only works with Android 9 or older and iOS 9.1 or older
  • very expensive
  • People object to features like keyboard recording and mobile camera access

3. Spyzie

If you want a mobile monitoring app that allows you to secretly take screenshots, Spyzie can be a good choice. It is a popular app that lets you view web browsing history, monitor chats and call logs, track GPS location, and much more. Like any other monitoring app, it also works in stealth mode.

The range of features offered by Spyzie is great, but its functionality is spotty at times. For example, location tracking does not work when using iOS.


  • Works with iOS and Android
  • friendly interface
  • Great feature set


  • Some features don’t work with iOS
  • Does not recover deleted data
  • Price is a little expensive

4. MobiStealthGenericName

If you want to monitor your employees’ online activities, MobiStealth might be right for your needs. It is another popular phone monitoring software that keeps you updated about target smartphone activities. It also allows you to control the target phone remotely and can also view browsing history, record phone calls, track location and view files and multimedia messages.

You can also use this application for computer monitoring, which makes it a good choice for business people.


  • Good price for the service you get
  • Offers applications for smartphones and computers
  • Lot of useful resources


  • You cannot block websites
  • No alert feature for using specific words

5. Qustódio

Last but not least, Qustodio is one of the best options if you are looking for a dedicated parental control mobile monitoring software. This app allows you to limit your child’s smartphone screen time. You can also block different websites and apps that you don’t want your kids to use. On the other hand, Qustodio does not provide a stealth mode to track target device activity.


  • Works with iOS, Android, Windows and Kindle devices
  • Your price is very reasonable.
  • It allows you to block websites and apps


  • Does not work in stealth mode
  • Only suitable for monitoring your kids’ online activities


These are some of the best mobile device monitoring software available in the market. I hope this list helps you find the right phone monitoring software for your needs and usage. Be sure to read the features, pros and cons of each program before making your decision. This will help you find the app that best suits your needs.


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