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AppGallery: The best and most powerful Google Play Store alternative for Android phones, and it is also the best alternative to insecure APK stores… and all this has made it the third largest app and video game store after Google Store andapple store The Official… want to know more information? Would you like to know how to download the store on your mobile phone? Do you have other questions? Follow the article with me:

What is AppGallery?

AppGallery: The most powerful alternative to Google Play
app gallery

app gallery It is an official Huawei app and game store that you can use to download hundreds of thousands of apps and video games. The app works perfectly with any smartphone that has the Android operating system or operating system HarmonyOS.

After creating your account on the platform for free, you can take a look at the different categories available on the AppGallery, such as news and reading, business, cars, social media, education, finance, food and drink, kids… and so on. Within each category, you’ll find a ton of different apps, of course.

The information sheet available on each app’s page consists of general information about the app’s features, approximate number of downloads, app size, user ratings and reviews, location and contact information for the app developer, permissions requested by the app, and a lot more.

AppGallery: The most powerful alternative to Google Play
app gallery

Huawei AppGallery is an interesting alternative to other app stores, as in addition to being affiliated with Huawei, you can download apps from any device as long as it has an Android operating system, be it Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme…

Huawei’s official AppGallery offers access to exclusive rewards such as free app and game packs. It also provides an intelligent search feature that learns your preferences using artificial intelligence. Besides, of course, getting app and game updates, like other stores.

The spread of the AppGallery store in the world

AppGallery: The most powerful alternative to Google Play
app gallery

Huawei AppGallery, launched in 2011 in China and 2018 worldwide, pre-installed with all new Huawei mobile devices. When new Huawei devices lost access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) and other Google apps due to the trade war between the United States and… China In 2019, the company failed to use Google services on its new phones, especially the Mate 30 series, and started to launch its phones with AppGallery only, its own Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) without GMS, Google Play Store and all the other Google apps like YouTube, Google Chrome…

In 2020, AppGallery reached 350 million app downloads. In 2020, AppGallery had more than 490 million users, as of March 2021, AppGallery had more than 530 million active users in more than 170 countries and regions, and nearly 1.6 million app and game developers across the world. world.

AppGallery: The most powerful alternative to Google Play

Now App Gallery is the third largest app and game store in the world after Google Play and App Store. We even see it next to the App Store and Play Store on most sites as an icon to download the application from these sites.

AppGallery has focused its efforts on cooperating with local and international developers to suggest the apps best suited to users’ needs. In this context, the Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem has seen a significant increase in the number of applications listed, with hundreds of thousands of applications and developers.

As an alternative to the Google Play Store, the App Gallery is the safest store for Android to download apps and games. It is the safest of the many APK stores on the Internet.

Apps, games and categories in the AppGallery

Categories available in the App Gallery store:

News & Reading, Business, Cars, Social Media, Education, Finance, Food & Drink, Kids, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Surfing & Transportation, Personal Issues, Photos & Videos, Shopping, Sports & Health, Tools, Travel…

The most popular apps that can be downloaded from the App Gallery:

Snaptube, Snapchat, TikTok, Telegram, Share It, True Color, Ali Express, Hespress, Zara, Koora and other local and international apps.

The most popular games that can be downloaded from the App Gallery:

Free Fire, PUBG, My Talking Tom, Magic Tiles, Asphalt…

What phones is AppGallery compatible with?

Download Huawei Store for iPhone: Is the AppGallery available for iOS? Answer: Of course not, the store only supports Huawei and Android phones, such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Realme, Infinix phones… iPhone works with an open source system and therefore the only place from which applications can be downloaded to the iPhone is Apple’s official App Store.

Download the official Huawei AppGallery

The safest place to download the AppGallery store is the store itself, through the following link: Of course, this applies to other Android phones. As for Huawei phones, the store comes pre-installed.


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