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Are you looking for an application to listen to the Holy Quran on your smartphone? You are at the right place, in this article we will give you the two best apps available for iOS and Android in 2022 so that you can listen to 200+ reciters with possibility to download any surah to listen on your phone without internet!

The Best App to Listen to the Holy Quran on iPhone and Android:

Below, we will introduce you to the two best free Quran listening apps for iOS and Android.

The best app to listen to the Holy Quran on iPhone:

The best application to listen to the Quran
The best application to listen to the Quran
Tarateel AlQuran is one of the best Quran apps for iPhone as it allows you to listen to the glorious Quran even in offline mode, so you can download Surahs of the Holy Quran with your favorite reciter, as well as the features of preferring Surahs for easy listening. reference to them again. The app has been downloaded thousands of times on the App Store and has a 4.7 star rating.

Advantages of the application:
  • Completely free and without ads.
  • Listen to 200+ readers with 10+ different novels.
  • Create custom playlists (automatically syncs to your devices using iCloud).
  • The ability to download any surah or listen to it directly via the Internet.
  • The ability to run the fence in the background.
  • Possibility to customize playback settings (repeat, time forward and backward, auto stop and much more).
  • CarPlay support, Siri shortcuts, widgets and iCloud sync.

The Tarateel AlQuran app is only available for iPhone and iPad and so far not available for other operating systems such as Android.

The best app to listen to the Holy Quran on Android:

Al-Quran Majeed is a unique Quran app that beautifies your life with the blessing of reading and listening to the Quran on the go. Latest update of Quran Majeed app for Android devices offering complete Quran in elegant Uthmani script, audio recitation, translations and tafsirs. The application also has several features, including the call to prayer.

The app has been downloaded from the Google Play Store over 10 million times and has received 4.8 stars, which indicates the strength and magnificence of the app. What is most notable is that the app is also available for iPhone phones.

Among the advantages of the Glorioso Quran application:
  • Prayer times for all over the world with alert call to prayer option and support different ways to calculate prayer times, qibla compass and suhoor and iftar times in Holy Ramadan.
  • Option to display any translation with full Arabic text with excellent accuracy in horizontal and vertical modes with support for zoom in/out feature to change font size.
  • Advanced audio options to help memorize: repeat verse, surah, interval, number of repetitions and control the recitation speed to help you memorize the Noble Quran.
  • Recitations by the world’s best known reciters such as Abra Rahman Al Sudais, Abdul Basit Abdul Samad and others.
  • Shading of verses when reciting.
  • Play background recitation in standby mode.


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