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No need for yellow, blue or even orange WhatsApp, in this article I am going to present you on a golden plate the best WhatsApp app alternative for all devices including iPhone and Android.

We all know that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. WhatsApp has 2 billion monthly active users – that’s quite a number. The initial rise of WhatsApp was driven by its simplicity of use, effortless user experience and of course its initial appeal. In fact, WhatsApp was among the most popular messaging apps long before the service was taken over by the Facebook group.

But recently, many malfunctions and issues appeared in the app, such as privacy issues, and the service stopped sometimes in some regions of the world. This is what made many users look for alternative apps, and indeed there are several apps like Telegram as it also came after new apps like Signal.

What do you think if I say that I have brought you a strong and new alternative to WhatsApp app besides Telegram and other apps? I know you will be amazed when you know about this app and its features.

VK Messenger is a fast chat app through which you can connect with friends over chats, voice and video calls. It is the most powerful and best alternative to WhatsApp program.

The app was first released on May 16, 2022, and although it is new, it has already been downloaded over a million times from the Google Store. The application, as it appears in its name, is affiliated with the famous website

You can create an app account easily by phone number, just like WhatsApp works.

VK Messenger is a powerful WhatsApp alternative that offers most of the features of WhatsApp but more than that as it has unique features that are not found in any other instant messaging program. Among the most prominent features of VK Messenger:

  • Exchanging text and voice messages
  • In messenger, you can also send VK friends stickers, music, photos, videos and posts.
  • Connect without limits on time or number of participants
  • You can have all your followers, loved ones or colleagues on a video call and chat for as long as you like using your cameras and microphone.
  • Easy access to VK and your phone contacts
  • Log in to your account and instantly see your friends on messenger. You can also add contacts from your phone and write to anyone you’ve exchanged numbers with.
  • Send self-destructing messages
  • This is suitable when you want to joke around in a serious conversation without confusing it. You can create fake conversations for quick questions. There, messages are deleted after some time you specify.

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The new Russian app VK Messenger allows people all the features they need in any instant messaging app, like receiving and sending text messages, as well as making audio and video calls, as well as exchanging recorded voice messages, transferring files of up to 2 GB , sending music and all audios, stickers, photos and videos stories, as well as their use in money transfers.

Among the features that “VK Messenger” offers its users is the ability to hide the last activity time in the application, as well as support for the dark mode feature, the ability to fully customize the design of the application, individual conversations, set plans background and change font size, as well as archive conversations and pin chats to the top of the list. Of course, the app is free.

The VK Messenger app can be downloaded from the “Google Play” store for Android phones (it can also be downloaded as an APK file), from the “App Store” for iPhone phones, and also from the Microsoft Store for apps for Windows computers.

download an app VK Messenger for Android.

download an app VK Messenger for iPhone.


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