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In this context, I present to you today the best methods Work from home 2022 By creating your own website to promote and take advantage of affiliate offers.

This method is simply based on the principle of creating a real site in which you place links to coupons for well-known sites like Amazon, eBay, Gearbest, and other sites, and these coupons are linked to your link from affiliation, and therefore each person who clicks on the link to take advantage of the coupon will buy from your referral link and You will easily earn money with this smart method, large sums exceeding $2000 per month.

First of all, what we need is to buy a paid domain to make our site look professional, and of course you will find many sites that offer the service of getting a paid domain, but I see that Godaddy is the best because it gives you the cheapest price for the domain using the coupon CJCRM99U

Here we find many companies that provide paid hosting service, but according to my experience, Hostgator is the best site, because it offers high speed with reasonable prices for beginners, and here I advise you to enter via a link host And use the coupon alarbe7 To obtain a 60% discount on the price of accommodation.
Here I advise you to follow this video, which teaches you how to install a hosting and connect it to the domain, and how to easily upload the template of your site on a paid hosting.

  • A script for the Al Coupon site
  • There are many scripts for Al Coupon site, but I personally picked this wonderful paid template for you which cost $47 and you can download it from the site Scribe Coupon .
    This script is fast and will get you the most visitors because most of the traffic we will be working on will be real visits through Google through SEO.
    This is what the site looks like after following the advice in the video and uploading the script to the hosting and linking it to the domain.

    Work at home

    How do you work from home for women and young men in this way?

    What you need Once you have your site ready, you need to choose a specific category to target with coupons, and here I personally recommend the women’s clothing category, as these are the most popular in the field of online shopping and the more looking for clothes, shoes, and so on.
    You will modify the template to bring the best deals and coupons in this way.
    First, you need to enter your affiliate profit site, and here we will rely on the admitad site, as we explained earlier, and as shown in the image below, we choose to first the coupon, then we choose the company we want to promote, and in this picture we choose Ali Express as number 2 shows, then we took the best coupons and its links and add it to your site .

    Work at home

    Or also rely on Amazon Affiliate to drive visitors to your links as shown in the image.

    Work at home

    You will do what is called filling the content by adding the links and coupons you want to promote easily, and thus each person who buys through your link will be profitable because they bought it at a low price, and you will also earn your own commission, which will exceed 7% easily and without experience.
    Work at home This method is the best, even if you concentrate well and follow the previous tips, I promise you will earn a lot and make more than $2000 easily and without experience as the picture shows.

    Work at home

    Of course, we explained all this in the video, including the steps of creating coupons, so I advise you to follow the second part of the profit method by working from home and profiting from the affiliate site.

    As for what remains, which is the most important in all the stages, which is to bring visitors because it is always considered the most difficult stage to obtain profits, a site without visitors is a site without profits, and the higher the number of targeted and actual visitors to your site, the greater your profits, and here we explain bringing visitors 100% free by making a request Manual archiving of your site via the most popular search engines. such as Google and Bing (especially since the Bing search engine is getting a large number of visitors from wealthy countries like America and Canada).
    To request archiving in the Google search engine, you must enter the so-called Research Console Or Google admin tools through your Gmail email and adding your site.

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    As for archiving it in the Bing search engine, you must first have an email through Hotmail and enter a link Bing – Webmaster Tools And add your site to it, and it will archive it within 4 days to 2 weeks.


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