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According to the official travel website of the US Office of Consular Affairs, the launch of participation in the American Lottery / American Lottery 2022 will begin on October 7, 2021 until November 10, 2021 through the lottery’s official website or As for the American lottery results, they will appear on May 8 of the next year, 2022.

How to register for the American lottery
How to register for the American lottery

The “Diversity Visa” program allows each candidate from several countries around the world to obtain an immigration visa to the United States annually, provided that they meet simple and precise criteria, and are selected through a random draw carried out by computer without any human intervention. .

Participation in the American lottery is free each year and electronically at or For married couples, all family members participating in the drawing must be registered.

The candidate must have at least a bachelor’s degree (equivalent to 12 years of study) and the year it was obtained does not matter. If the candidate does not have the aforementioned certificate, candidates with two years of professional experience (in the last 5 years prior to the application date) in a highly specialized area are admitted, provided that their experience meets the standards established by the US Department of State.

America 2022/2023 lottery registration

There is no fee each year to participate in the US lottery, and the only way to participate is to complete and submit the electronic form available on the US Department of State website ( or during the registration period, which is usually one month. On the Internet, there are some sites that help the subscriber to fill in his data to register for the American lottery, but this does not help to increase the probability of winning in any way completely. Some other sites offer fake pages claiming to provide a green card or guarantee to win the American lottery and ask to transfer different amounts of money to unofficial bank accounts or send emails to random people with the purpose of fraud… Therefore, beware of these websites and emails.

Requirements to apply for immigration lottery to America 2022-2023

Possession of a valid passport.
12 years of basic education as a condition to compete in the American Lottery (have a bachelor’s degree).
Register only one application and do not submit other applications for the same person.
A certificate of cessation of military service or a certificate of postponement of service for people whose military service is mandatory in their country, as is the case in Egypt.
Submit a personal photo of size 600*600 pixels and the photo must have all the required photo specifications to apply for Loteria America 2022.
All information must be entered as found in official documents, without any additions or subtractions.
No change in marital status whether the person is married, engaged or celibate. And the person must present their correct marital status to the authorities, as they do when filling out the information on the US lottery website.
That the applicant was born in one of the eligible countries to apply for immigration lottery for America’s 2022 dv lottery.

How to Apply for the American Lottery 2022-2023

Participation in the lottery is free and electronically at or Each family member participating in the lottery must be registered. If you don’t know how to register, you can seek help from a family member or associations that provide these services to enter your information and thus participate in the draw.

Correct picture accepted in America lottery

Meet the requirements for a personal photo to apply for random immigration to the United States:

The image size must be 600 x 600 pixels.
The photograph must be recent and no more than 6 months have passed since it was taken, and the aim is to ensure that there is no change in the person’s characteristics.
The background of the photo must be completely white, with no shadows on the face, furniture or anything in the background.
How to Register for US Lottery 2022 - 2023 - How to Register for Diversity Visa Lottery.

The photograph must be without a head covering, whether this covering is traditional dress or a cap, or sunglasses or the like.
Hijab is allowed as long as the face and its features are completely clear.
The head of the person in the photo must occupy 50% of the total area of ​​the photo, as long as the photo starts from the middle of the person’s chest to the top of the head.
The person should not be smiling or frowning in the photo, as long as the person’s responses and characteristics are normal and do not indicate anything.
The photo must not be taken at an angle to the right, left, down or up, and the subject’s face must be directly facing the photographer’s face.
How to Register for US Lottery 2022 - 2023 - How to Register for Diversity Visa Lottery.

The image must be in jpeg format.
Do not use headphones or oversized headphones while filming.
Eyes not closed – eyes should be wide open when taking the photo.
Medical glasses are permitted during imaging tests in critical medical cases, especially after surgery, as long as the lenses are not tinted. It is better not to wear glasses on your face, even if they are medical glasses.
How to Register for US Lottery 2022 - 2023 - How to Register for Diversity Visa Lottery.

Frequently Asked Questions about America Immigration Lottery:

What is the date of the American lottery 2022-2023?

Lottery submission date 2021: October 7, 2021 and last day for lottery submission is November 10, 2021.

Which countries are eligible to participate in the American lottery 2022-2023?

Almost all countries are eligible to participate in the American lottery except for Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, El Salvador, India, Jamaica, Vietnam, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Haiti, Philippines, South Korea and United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland and its territories).

In principle, all Arab countries have the right to participate in the lottery, whether you are Moroccan, Saudi, Egyptian or Arab in general, just participate.

What is the cost of participating in the American lottery?

There is no entry cost to the American Lottery and there are no fees. Registration for the American lottery 2022-2023 is free and online through the official website or

How to view American lottery results:

To see the American lottery results, you can access the following article: How to view American lottery results and winning messageWhere you will find everything you need to see the American lottery results.


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