YouTube profit is monthly income and how your channel (youtube seo) succeeds in detail

YouTube profit is monthly income and how your channel (youtube seo) succeeds in detail
Enjoy YouTube in detail

How Enjoy YouTube in detail ? A question that channel owners on the YouTube platform must answer. In order to reach the condition of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours to accept profit from Google Adsense. If you follow our lesson on the most important secrets to creating the conditions for a rapid increase in the number of subscribers to your channel and their interaction with the channel, it will be easy for you to be accepted into the Google AdSense program for take advantage of the ads from the Google AdSense channel.

1- Enjoy YouTube in detail

The first mistakes that any beginner makes on his YouTube channel to profit from it. It is not choosing the profitable domain and targeting the audience to watch the content he publishes on his channel.

You will also learn how to properly set up the SEO of the chain, I will give you the best golden tips, if you apply them to the letter, your chain will succeed, and you will necessarily be surprised by its rise in power, whether at the level of the number of subscribers or views, as well as interaction, such as sharing videos and likes.

2- Choose the domain of the channel on YouTube

When you first create your channel, you must adhere to the correct SEO settings for the channel. This can help your channel appear quickly in search engines. For example, choosing the keywords you target your audience with in order to profit from YouTube in the future.

Here are the most important places to set channel SEO to make it easier for your content to reach your channel’s target audience:

  • Choose a name for the channel that reflects the type of content. For example, the name: The famous channel Did You Know targets the culture category, and the name is more expressive of the type of content, and above all, it is to facilitate the search engine to understand the content of the channel as well.
  • Write a description of the channel, and it will be brief. It will be shown to visitors, as well as to the search engine for what type of content the string contains.
  • Choosing the net, and it is desirable that it be specialized, and not a general net. For example, the sports net is general, and football is considered a micro-net. I advise you, as beginners, to adhere to the micro-report.
  • Setting channel keywords is very important to enjoy YouTube channel. After typing the name and description, you will go directly to the keyword definition settings. Write the most important keywords and space each word with a comma.
  • Design of the channel’s logo and cover, preferably professional, to gain public trust and give the channel a professional impression.
  • Ensuring the quality of videos and content as a whole, such as sound and design, plays an important role in the success of your channel. Use a professional microphone and a high quality camera. Quality content in terms of news value can also cover up flaws in poor sound or editing quality, so content is king.
  • Regular and continuous posting to improve SEO is very important to profit from YouTube.
  • Improve the channel’s internal SEO thanks to what was mentioned above. And also the improvement of external referencing, such as the sharing of your videos on social networking sites by visitors or by you.
  • The thumbnail is 1920×1980, which is the best size, and it is unshaded, i.e. compatible with video content. It is normal to write a small title on the image, which is intriguing and should be attractive to improve the click on the video. Most importantly, name the thumbnail before uploading it to the video. Make sure the label is the title. Same for the video.
  • The long title is as important as the video. Even if your video is the best video, you will be disappointed if it doesn’t get more views. A long title between 60 and 70 characters attracts visitors’ attention to click, especially if your keyword is in the first 3 words or the last 3 words.

These are the most important factors for search engine optimization. And also for the success of your channel, and then you can Enjoy YouTube . This, of course, after fulfilling the conditions to earn money with YouTube in order to be accepted in Google Adsense to profit from the advertisements appearing on your channel.

3- YouTube Profit Terms

If you want Enjoy YouTube You should be your priority is to win your segment of visitors. It is by providing valuable content in order to keep subscribers. And also continuous improvement of content quality to gain new subscribers, and the goal is to reach a thousand subscribers, which is one of the two conditions of acceptance to achieve YouTube’s profit conditions with the number of 4000 hours of viewing over the past 3 years.

Moreover, one of the reasons for the success of your channel’s profits is the regular and continuous publication of the channel’s video content. This notifies search engines of channel activity and improves YOUTUBE SEO. It also keeps your communication with subscribers and expects more from your interesting and useful videos. Pick a regular schedule for posting, like posting a video every weekend, for example.

Exclusive content that does not infringe copyrights. You can’t underestimate it if you want to meet the terms of an investigation Enjoy YouTube . Exclusive content includes videos, music and thumbnails. It must be of your design, as YouTube can penalize your channel with a warning 3 times unless it reaches the maximum penalty, which is to remove the channel as a whole.

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4- Enable YouTube profit

After following the secrets to success in your channel above and applying them as literally as possible. Then you can fulfill the two conditions (1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours) in order to activate YouTube profit as we talked about earlier. You’ve reached the end of the process for your channel, which involves linking the channel to your Google AdSense account and submitting it for review.

Before linking the channel to your Gmail account to apply for Adsense. Make sure that this Gmail is essential on the device either through your mobile or computer so that the link to the account is unhindered.

One of the conditions to activate the profit is to have an account on Adsense so as not to be rejected for this reason. After adhering to everything mentioned, the account will be linked and submitted to Adsense without technical issues. You will be notified that the channel is under review.

At that time, I waited 24 hours to 7 days as the maximum time for a response for your channel to become eligible for the profit, and if the response was a denial, you will find that Adsense gave you the reasons for the rejection so that you can review and resubmit them to accept YouTube’s profit activation.

5- How much profit from YouTube

The profit rate of YouTube depends on the number of views of the video. Also, the CPC of the keyword corresponds to the click-through rate of the ads.

Therefore, if you want to make a fair profit from your channel, you should target keywords with a high price on Google Adwords, which is the Keyword Planner, a free tool from Google.

The countries whose clicks are profitable should also be targeted. Such as Gulf countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar. And if your channel is in English, that’s fine, so you should target expensive keywords in America, European countries and Australia.

You can use our free keyword analysis tool. Knowing the click prices for these words, as well as the monthly search rate, which is also important for profiting from YouTube.

Table of keywords

6- How to receive money from YouTube

One of the Adsense conditions for profiting from websites or YouTube is to receive money. The first access is 10% from the minimum withdrawal amount of $100, which is $10 to activate the Adsense account first with the PIN code.

On the other hand, if the bin code is not reachable. You can activate the Adsense account via the ID card that matches your Adsense account information by clicking the link below. Provided he asks for three wives every 21 days.

Activate Adsense with ID card

In conclusion, our topic today was the most important secrets Enjoy YouTube in detail for each channel owner. While providing best practices for search engine optimization. To make the videos of video content creators appear to the targeted visitors, and to reach YouTube terms quickly, the goal is to earn a respectable income after acceptance in Google Adsense, and this by applying our explanation. If you liked the explanation and benefited from it, please share the article with interested friends so that everyone can benefit from it.


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