What should you do after your blog is approved for google adsense?

I always dreamed of being accepted into Google adsense Adsense to earn some money through internet profit This is every blogger’s dream, but it’s not easy.
What should you do after your blog is approved for google adsense?


With many people trying to deceive a company Google And profit from fake or illegal clicks but soon leads to full account closure and loss of all effort spent on creating the blog and writing the articles for uh…

The first thing you must do after having your blog approved by Google Adsense , Distribute ads on your blog neatly and don’t run ads beyond the topic to avoid banning. Should you place automatic or manual ads, or is it preferable to place them together?

Definition of Google Ads Google Ads The most important conditions to accept your blog

Google Adsense adsense is an advertising service provided by Google to website owners to display ads on their websites and Google profit is through clicks and views for an amount of money. established Google Ads Manage and facilitate earnings through websites without the need to close deals with other parties.

Adsense adsense is not limited to placing ads on these Google sites, it gives other sites the opportunity to merge their ads with Adsense ads so that these ads appear anywhere on the Internet, and ads displayed on sites are reviewed ​​using Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the number one advertising company on the Internet and is also widely popular among bloggers.
Some conditions for admission to adsense :

You can make a lot of money with Google Adsense if you master your job and do everything that needs to be done to make your blog a success the right way.

Google is based on submitted content and its importance first and foremost, if the content is full of errors and the style is bad then it will be automatically rejected. Not only that, but the content must be unique and add value to the website visitors. Thus, the blogger must always be on the lookout to provide valuable content to comply with Google’s requirements.

When submitting your AdSense acceptance request, be sure to put your name and email address in some easy to see areas like the “Contact Us” or “About Us” page. This will confirm to the AdSense team that you are the same person who signed up for AdSense and not some fake unwanted program AND We recommend that you use your correct date of birth and age when signing up for an AdSense account. Because Google Adsense is not for people under 18. *Be careful when choosing the type of content you publish because it is very important, the content must be purposeful.

Here are some common types of content that Google Adsense does not accept.

Only pornography/adult content

pirated content

Hacking Tutorials and Internet Ideas

Drugs/illegal paraphernalia

Anything else illegal

Advice to be accepted Google Ads

Write unique content

Do not post infringing content

Custom ADS.TXT file

Ads.txt file is one of the latest technology added by Google AdSense last year to verify the ads on its website and in a short period it managed to spread heavily, it is a publicly accessible file that helps publishers in preventing the appearance of inappropriate ads for your site to protect advertisers’ advertising dollars, so ads.txt aims to increase transparency

ads.txt file

google.com, pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Copy the file and replacing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx With your Adsense account ID.

Solve the ADS.TXT file problem, your earnings are at risk with Google AdSense

Solve your earnings problem with Adsense risk

After accepting your blog on Google Adsense, you will see an account message adsense That profit is in danger, correct the error to avoid many losses in your profits

Log in to your Google Adsense account.

You will find a message about earnings at risk issue. Click fix the problem.

You will find the page to create an ADS.TXT file under Download. You will click on Download.

We open the blog accepted in Google Adsense and then the settings.

We find the profitable field, if it is not activated, we activate it.

We copy the file that we downloaded from Adsense and save it.

All we have to do now is wait two days to a week, then the earnings at risk message will disappear in the Google Adsense account.

ad setup Google Ads in the blog

Once you’ve finished activating your AdSense account, it’s time to set up ads on your website.

When you log into your AdSense account, you will find two types of ads, manual ads and automatic ads, and the confusing question remains: should I add automatic or manual ads?

I will answer you with both. We’ll put automatic and manual ads together. In case the automatic ads appear late, we will find that there are manual ads running. This does not affect Google Adsense.

Automatic ads or by location

Automatic ads or by location

Auto ads by location Auto ads provide a simple and innovative way to earn money from your content Using auto ads, Google, on your behalf, chooses the good topics on your blog and automatically places ads on them. All you have to do is place the auto ads code on your website and the auto ads will start appearing little by little. You are more likely to do well and earn more profits.

Manual ads by ad unit

Manual ads by ad unit

Manual ads are divided into display ads, ads in a feed and ads in an article that allow you to create different ad units according to the type of ad unit and distribute them on your website as per your choice and according to the blogger model you are working on in case auto ads appear late

I hope the article is sufficient and comprehensive in all respects, in short, the reasons for rejecting your website from Google Adsense are many and precise, the most important of which is that you must avoid clicking on your ad because it harms your Adsense account and avoid put a lot of ads on the topic, but also acceptance on Adsense is not a problem. It is really difficult if you are working on a high quality website, notably focused on highly valuable and good content and in line with the demands of Internet search engines, with a luxurious design and a large number of visitors. This is what Google editors emphasize.


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