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Create funded ads on Facebook Pages

longest platform Facebook One of the biggest social media platforms in the world and the number of users on the platform is increasing day by day so it is highly recommended if you have specific content or product that you want to promote to increase revenue or if your business is mostly business online then you can use Facebook as a platform to easily promote For your business Fund a Facebook page easily.

The successful way to make a Facebook funded ad at the cheapest price
Create funded ads on Facebook

How to Create Sponsored Ads on Facebook – Choose Your Advertising Objectives

The options available in this case are:

  1. Ads that link to your website: Drive more traffic to your website or any other internal or external party.
  2. Receiving messages on WhatsApp: in this case, in front of an audience that wants to talk to you about your product or service or something you do and know
  3. Get messages in Messenger: Your ads will show to audiences who want to contact you about your promotions through Messenger.

Have an online means of payment to create a successful funded advertising campaign

distance Create a page to advertise on the Facebook platformYou need to know how to pay for online advertising. Payment methods for Facebook Ad Pages vary by country. Payment Methods Payment methods accepted by Facebook and credit cards are the most popular in all countries. And Mastercard, or through CASHU, which is an electronic wallet in Middle Eastern and North African countries, for online purchases and financial transactions without a bank account or credit card.

stop andCreate a successful Facebook ad campaignYou must have an online payment method through which you can pay for the ads that are constantly funded on Facebook, and having an electronic payment method becomes very important for every user. If you don’t have a payment method, you can use an e-wallet like Vodafone Cash, Etisalat Cash, Orange Cash or Cove. You can visit the Facebook Help link to see how funds are available, as some payment methods are not available on Facebook and may vary by country.

Facebook page funding

some people think that Facebook page funding It’s complicated, it takes dedicated people to write ads and create attractive images for them, but nowadays it’s very easy. You have to take into account that funding has become one of the easiest things to do now, and Facebook itself makes it easy to fund posts and pages.

Requirements for creating a funded ad on Facebook Pages

The requirements to create a Facebook Sponsored Ad are very simple and are now available to all users. In this paragraph we will mention the requirements that must be met to create a sponsored ad on your Facebook page:

  • Facebook page to fund you:

Of course, when Financing a Facebook postYou must have a Facebook Page or be an admin of a Page owned by a third party to create an ad campaign. Because Facebook does not fund the posts on your profile, but the posts must be on your Facebook page to successfully create your event.

In order to achieve the intended objectives of your ads on the Facebook platform, you must be able to market your ads and increase your audience, so you must follow these instructions:

The marketing objective of running a Facebook funded ad

You must know the objective of funding your Facebook page or post because if you don’t know and define your objective then you will find that you are wasting your money by making uninteresting funded ads on Facebook; therefore, you need a goal to fund the page. This paragraph introduces some of the most famous key points and goals for creating a successful Facebook ad campaign:

  • Try to attract visitors to your website or blog.
  • Earn more from your sales or products online or in the field.
  • Promote your business to attract more customers.
  • Watch your video on our Facebook page or YouTube platform.
  • Get lots of downloads for your app from Google Play Store or other stores.
  • Gain followers from the Facebook page that generated the sponsored ad.
  • Engage in your personal posts or Facebook page posts.
  • Get lots of visitors on your Facebook page to increase your followers.
  • Expand the display of advertised products on your Facebook page.
  • Promote the page on forums and other sites.
  • Attach multiple videos to get multiple views and followers.
  • Get many apps for the page.
  • Attract more conversions and sales.
  • Get a combination of likes for your Page.

Pricing for funded ads on Facebook

differs from The price of ad finance on your page on the Facebook platformSo Facebook lets you choose the right amount to fund your ads, and Facebook will try to show you as many results as possible based on the amount you select. For example, if you want to spend $5 a week, the process for reaching your Sponsored Ad is different for everyone if you spend $100 a week. Therefore, you should follow the steps mentioned earlier in this article to learn about the payment methods available on Facebook in your country and set your funding goals.


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