The Best Profitable Link Shortening Websites 2022

The best sites to profit from link shortening are those sites that many people go to with the aim of profiting from link shortening and earn additional income with money by shortening links.

Top 10 Websites Profitable from Link Shortening in 2022
Top 10 websites to make money by shortening links.

There are many link shortening companies that allow you to profit by shortening links, and in this article you will surely find the best one for the year 2022.

Top 10 profitable websites with short links:

1. location

  • This is a link shortening site for a very reliable and proven company to profit from link shortening.
  • This company is one of the best companies that have an easy and simple website for beginners.
  • This site is one of the best competing sites to profit from link shortening for the year 2022.
  • The site pays you when the amount of profit from shortening your links reaches a minimum of $5 via Paypal.
  • The site pays out upon reaching a minimum amount of $50 via Payoneer.
  • The company’s support service is always available via instant messaging, and that’s very good, so the site deserves to be honored as the best link shortening site today.
  • The percentage of website affiliate profits for people you invite to profit from link shortening via is 20% for each successful registration invite with your link on the website.

2. website Best for shortening links 2022

For sure everyone knows about this link shortening website which is one of the best profitable link shortening websites for the year 2022.

Following are the most important information about the link shortening website:

  1. A very honest and guaranteed site to make money by shortening links.
  2. A fabulous site that makes a lot of profit from shortening links and has many users and editors all over the world.
  3. A very old site in the field and trusted by many internet business and profit pioneers in 2022.
  4. The site pays profits through Paypal electronic bank and Payoneer Bank, famous for electronic payments on the Internet.
  5. The minimum on all payment methods is just $5, which is very good for beginners, for the site to prove its credibility to its employees early on.

3. Profit website with short links

  • The minimum withdrawal amount from this site is just $5.
  • The site gives a twenty (20) percent commission for every successful referral from people who register through you.
  • The site has more than one profit payment method, the most important being PAYPAL, payoneer and Bitcoin.
  • The website support team is very good and helpful and will help you to profit from the website any time you want.

4. Location clicksfly

  1. A website for a trusted and guaranteed business to earn money by shortening links to websites, affiliates, articles, books and apps.
  2. The site has several payment methods, the most important of which is PayPal, payment via Payoneer and payment to your Bitcoin wallet.
  3. The profit percentage from the affiliate link to the website starts at 20% for each referral you make to other people.
  4. The company has a very responsive and excellent team and support system.
  5. And the amazing thing about this lucrative site is that you can withdraw your fees when you reach the first 3 dollars only, and wow, that’s impossible, seriously, it’s a fantasy, so what are we waiting for? Let’s start registering and earning now!

5. Company website bc. you

  • One of the best link shortening companies to make money now by shortening links through your website account.
  • A leading profit link shortening company and has the best profitable sites on the internet and trusted profitable companies.
  • It has a very easy and beginner-friendly website to profit from link shortening.
  • But profits are paid to you in your account on the website via PAYPAL only.
  • However, it is neutral that profits are paid on the company’s website on a weekly basis.
  • Just like the company’s website, it is easy to use and very quick to download and go through the shortened links, and it never disturbs visitors, important factors for obtaining guaranteed profit.

6. website To make money by shortening your links

There are many websites to earn money by shortening links, and here we have another website that guarantees to earn money by shortening your links on the Internet, which is the trusted website #6 in 2022.

The most important feature of this website:

  1. The possibility of receiving your profits via Skrill or Bitcoin and Payoneer, i.e. paying via the three most important methods of withdrawing money online.
  2. The website belongs to a very successful and trusted company to profit from shortening their links in 2022.
  3. One of the joyful things for newbies is possibility to withdraw profits when only first $3 is reached, and this is really a very joyful thing for all beginners to earn money from link shortening websites.
  4. As for your commission rate through your affiliate link by registering subscribers on this site, it amounts to 25% on every single referral just as a profit commission for you.

7. Location paid cut

Who doesn’t know this well-known site to profit from shortening links on the Internet, if you are a beginner in this area and don’t know about cutpaid, here is the most important information about it:

  • A website for a profitable business is reliable, shortening all links across the Internet, and it is very convenient and easy to use for all beginners and regular users of websites.
  • The profit percentage of the site’s affiliate program is 30%.
  • The minimum amount to withdraw your returns from the site is only R$ 3.
  • The website has responsive and fast service to support subscribers.
  • The site has many payment options, the most important of which are Payoneer and online payment via Paypal.

8. To create short links and profit from them

from The name of the site appears to be a link shortening site, and what you might not know is that it is one of the best profit link shortening sites today.

Here are the most important features of this powerful website to help you profit from link shortening:

  • A website for a secure company that has many tools through which one can easily earn money through the website.
  • Pay via Payoneer as well as pay via PayPal.
  • The company that owns the site has high quality professional ads that are very profitable and do not annoy the visitor.

9. Website getsurl

Also, by the name of the site that appears in front of you, you will know that it is used for shortening links. This site is one of the popular sites for publishers now in most countries in the Arab world.

This is what distinguishes the sites from its predecessor:

  1. A website for the most trusted and widely used Internet companies in the Arab world, and it is very suitable for making money satisfactorily by shortening and publishing links for profit.
  2. The site runs a giant forum to discuss profit issues with link shortening and solutions to their problems.
  3. It is the easiest and simplest website to use for Arabs in 2022.

10. Location hack URLs

  • The affiliate link shortening program allows you to earn 25% for each referral.
  • You can get the profits once you reach the minimum payout which is 3 USD.
  • It has an active support team around the clock to help you make money from the site easily and smoothly.
  • It has popular payment methods available in most countries in Western and Arabic world.
Here we have finished quoting the 10 best sites to profit from link shortening, both for beginners and others, and we know which is the best patch to make money from link shortening and the best for 2022.

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