The best online buying and selling apps 2022

The best buying and selling apps

Smartphone apps are present in all areas of everyday life such as online shopping i.e. e-commerce as it is an easy way for people to buy and sell their products without leaving their homes.

Now it is possible to do your shopping through an application that you open on your smartphone, and through it choose the item you want (in it you will find everything you think or want to buy at different and adequate prices, and several international brands), and so you pay online via credit cards, and you won’t wait long to receive the item you purchased.

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Top 10 Online Shopping Apps 2022

If you want to shop online, or start displaying and selling your personal items over the Internet, we will present on the blog Mohsine technologie the 10 best applications to buy and sell over the Internet, these online purchase applications are guaranteed stores and deliver the product to the consumer with the same specifications set by the store Thus, it became very popular.

1- Amazon application for buying and selling online

The Amazon application is considered one of the best online shopping applications of 2022, as it is widespread in several countries, the Amazon website was created in 1994, and its headquarters are in Seattle, the American capital, Washington, it still has no competitor because it contains many benefits and services and includes the cheapest commodities and low value products.

It is one of the largest retail stores available on the Internet, offering original products ranging from clothing, music, movies, electronics, games, sports, health and other goods and supplies.

Amazon is characterized by being a guaranteed seller, reliable, popular and diverse, and what it offers in terms of great deals and discounts on products, Amazon being the number 1 online store in the world.

Amazon online buy and sell store supports shipping goods and merchandise outside of America to all parts of the world and this is important in the world of shopping and this is what makes it occupy the forefront among shopping apps and sell online.

It is available for Android and IOS users.

2- application for buying and selling online app is one of the best free apps available on Android and iOS stores for buying and selling online, and it is an online store that sells all the items you need to buy, whether they are small or big.

It includes several sections, the most prominent being the clothing, food, appliances, home appliances, telephones and computers, home and office items. buy and sell app is very famous in the Arab world, and it is very reliable and popular.

Through this application, you can find everything you are looking for, and it will arrive at your door in all parts of the country, through the delivery service provided by the store, which can sometimes be free.

You will find many functionalities in this store, from time to time the application makes great offers and discounts that exceed 50%, and to have a bigger idea of ​​the product, the application presents illustrations of products and videos, and the application also offers the purchase of new and used products,

-NB; Amazon recently purchased as is now affiliated with Amazon, which means its credibility has increased in online buying and selling operations. The payment process is done by credit card or cash payment upon arrival of the order.

3- Alibaba application for online buying and selling

Alibaba app has become one of the best online shopping website as it is very famous and has great popularity in the world.

It also came to compete with large stores that are at the forefront, such as Amazon and eBay, and is one of the wholesale buying and selling sites. You can buy and export goods in many countries online.

Alibaba app is one of the best buy and sell apps where you can buy from China and online direct from the factory and you buy at factory price without the need to move, just go to the app and choose the appropriate shipping company to you through negotiation with the factory.

Alibaba website is different from other online buying and selling websites as the way to buy is from China only at factory price.

The way to buy or buy online through buy and sell apps has become an easy way to buy items and products.

4- ebay application for buying and selling online

The ebay application is one of the best online buying and selling sites, as it is among the sites that are at the forefront of online shopping, eBay has been working for a long time in online shopping and is still the best application and online site to date. purchasing.

It is the most suitable app where you can search for goods and products and get the best deals and discounts.

The eBay application allows you to sell over the web as well, not only to buy, but it also supports barcode scanning to get a product, and it also constantly gives you notifications about goods that have received discounts.

5- AliExpress application for buying and selling online

AliExpress app is among the best online shopping apps as it provides retail service unlike Alibaba app which works wholesale, there are millions of people of sellers and buyers who carry out buying and selling activities in this app, the product is delivered to the customer in a short period of time and at an affordable price.

The application displays many and diverse goods as it provides you with many of the best and cheapest products from online shopping sites such as electronic devices, phones and clothes from the best international and Arabic brands. The app works in all languages ​​around the world. The AliExpress store was launched in China in 2010.

It offers free shipping for more than 75% of the products, and the products are of excellent quality, the AliExpress in-app rating is high 4.7 on the Google Play Store, and it also supports Android and iOS phones.

The payment method is Master Card, Visa Card, Credit Card and Western Union.

6- Jumia app for online buying and selling

The beginnings of Jumia were in the state of Nigeria, but the app managed to reach the Arab world in a short time, as it is already operating in 14 countries, has more than 50,000 sellers, and is known in the Arab world as the best app to sell items online. .

It is a wonderful store where through this application you can buy a wide variety of products such as electronics, decoration items, clothing, materials and cosmetics, smartphones and their accessories and computers, as well as many other sections such as kitchenware, home decorations and various foods, and a special baby supplies section.

And recently a new section (Jumia Fashion) has been added, which offers a large number of different and varied fashions from various internationally known brands.

The method of payment through this application is by credit card, or by cash payment when the order arrives at your home.

Sometimes the app does a free delivery service for orders, and the delivery service is available all over the country, which is good.

7- Facebook Facebook marketplace application for online buying and selling

Now you can shop through the Facebook app, where you browse the app to search for the merchandise and product you want to buy, the area around you, and communicate with the people who put it up for sale.

The giant social media marketplace platform facebook is a very suitable option for local sales, as it offers the opportunity to display voiceovers and manage conversations directly from the app, thanks to the social network’s huge database of users.

By using the Facebook Market application, it makes the job of buying and selling online easy, simple and fast, and the service is absolutely free.

Thus, Facebook Store is one of the best online buying and selling apps.

8- application for buying and selling online

The application is one of the most powerful online buying and selling applications, and what sets this application apart is that through it you can find everything you are looking for easily and simply, in this application there are more than 10 million items offered to sale offered by more than 700 thousand sellers So you will find many unique products in this app.

There is another unique feature of, which is when you buy more than one product, you can get a big discount or reduce the total amount of your purchase.

9- Wallapop application for buying and selling online

The wallapop app or Wallapop brand is a virtual marketplace on the web for cheap and used goods and is one of the best apps for buying and selling used goods online.

You can buy and sell different products in an easy and simple way, Wallapop is a new application with more than 13 million users.

This app allows you to sell used goods like old clothes and shoes, books and home furnishings to people in your area.

This app is available in many major cities. All you need to sell is take some photos, create a short product description and set a price. The app is completely free.

10- App Esty for buying and selling online

The Etsy app is an online merchandise display marketplace used by many artists and designers to buy and sell on the Internet. This app contains more than 15 million items for sale offered by more than 800 thousand sellers and this allows you to choose widely which means you will find This app has many unique products that you will not find in any other app or in any other place.

The app allows you to display any type of merchandise you want to sell as it is reliable, safe and secure. Etsy supports Google Wallet and PayPal payment systems.

Here we come to the end of our today’s article on the best apps for buying and selling online, I hope that one of the apps has piqued your interest and that you adopt it for online shopping.



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