The best Maroc Telecom top-up offers and various top-up methods for all customers

The best Maroc Telecom top-up offers and various top-up methods for all customers

Morocco Telecom numbers to serve customers

Maroc Telecom offers several different numbers to its customers, some free and others paid for a nominal amount.

To obtain assistance and solve any problem related to Maroc Telecom cards and services.

For each service, the company assigns the appropriate code or number in Morocco, for assistance by contacting a specialist. Provide a suitable answer or solutions in detail.

Now, let’s quote all the numbers, mentioning the services provided by each one of them to Maroc Telecom customers:

  • 777: Intended for Maroc Telecom subscribers and Fidelio customers to provide information and receive complaints. Call price is 1 Dh or one minute of Forfi.
  • 888Dedicated to receiving complaints and providing solutions to prepaid mobile and internet customers. The cost of the call is 1Dh or 1min of the recharge minutes offer.
  • 124For landline and internet customers, it is open from Monday to Saturday: 8am to 8.30pm. To provide information and help customers with a dirham per call
  • 555From this number, you can make a free call to top up your Maroc Telecom balance, whether prepaid or limited subscription.

How to recharge Forphy Freedom Maroc Telecom

You can fill in the Forfait Liberté, as is the case with all Maroc Telecom forfaits. These are gifts that can be filled after the monthly balance runs out before the arrival of the next month. By choosing one of the following methods:

  • Maroc Telecom recharge is normal: Obtaining a top-up code at a store, with a value starting at 5 dirhams, and requesting a top-up by calling 555 and following the instructions to enter the top-up code. Or send it via SMS directly to 555 to fill in the account.
  • Maroc Telecom recharge pass type callsYou can recharge the balance of your Maroc Telecom line with calls, after the end of the monthly forfi before the end of the month. This is a recharge card call offer, starting from two hours at the price of 25 dirhams for a period of 7 days, which can be activated by installing the recharge code followed by the number *2.
  • Fill out the Maroc Telecom Internet pass offerTo use this pass, just buy a recharge from 20 dirhams, enter the code #111# and follow the instructions. You can also request Maroc Telecom top-up using the same code #111# and pay your amount in installments for the following month’s bill, without the need to purchase the top-up code at points of sale.
  • Top up international and domestic callsBenefit from open communication around the world, starting with a top-up of 20 dirhams. Which gives you one hour of local and international calls for 14 days.

How do I top up Maroc Telecom?

To top up Maroc Telecom and how to top up Etisalat balance? Follow one of the following methods:

  1. online packagingEntering the official page of Maroc Telecom and following the instructions mentioned in the previous paragraphs of the article to top up with a bank card. Or log in here 👈 Connection And buying a stuffing via Paypal or bank account from Morocco and from anywhere in the world.
  2. Go to one of the points of sale and buy a recharge code, from 5 dirhams. Then call 555 and follow the instructions to top up your balance, and choose one of the star offers offered by Maroc Telecom, the most famous of which are:
  • Maroc Telecom recharge *1: To activate SMS balance.
  • Maroc Telecom recharge *6: To enable display of all social networking sites.
  • Top up from Maroc Telecom *2To benefit from internet and calls, from 5 dirhams.
  • Is Maroc Telecom’s mobilization twofold?

    On this day of the writing of the article, mobilization in Morocco is doubled until June 9th. And that with the value of the package (×22) and starting from 5 dirhams up to 200 dirhams.

    And if you’re reading this article after the offer ends date, you can log in Maroc Telecom’s official page for double mobilization. To find out if the offer is available and renewed or not.

    Where the company comes up with these double offers every now and then, and it’s not always all the time.

    Therefore, you must stay informed about the availability of the offer by entering the page that we provide you with at the beginning of the paragraph.

    What are Maroc Telecom’s offers currently?

    Currently, Maroc Telecom offers many offers that cater to different customer segments. It also meets the different needs that vary from one customer to another.

    It consists of four main offerings, as follows:

    • Maroc Telecom Fixed Internet.
    • fill codes (recharge) Maroc Telecom Mobile.
    • Forfiat Maroc Telecom.
    • Fidelio is offered by Maroc Telecom.
    To see each of these offers in detail, read this article about Maroc Telecom’s offers. In which we explain in detail each of the aforementioned offers.

    In conclusion, this was all the information we can provide on ways to mobilize Maroc Telecom.

    We hope that we have covered all aspects related to the topic and that you have also found the right answers to your questions on the subject.

    If not, leave us a comment below the article, and we will answer all your questions that you did not find the answer to in the article, God willing.


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