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Today we are going to touch on a subject that is worth reading and following, and it is one of the most requested topics because many bloggers look for technical sites to increase their knowledge capacities, obtain differentiated technical topics, reformulate them in their own way, translate them and republish them on your blog. Through this article, you will get to know the sites Provides device updates, tools and news

As everyone agrees most blogs in any of the fields rely on foreign websites that are primarily in English to bring topics, translate them, rephrase them and present them to their readers and website visitors.

The Mohsine technologie blog, like other blogs, also sometimes resorts to Western sources and websites to transfer and translate its articles, with the exception of solutions to some problems that are based on prior knowledge and personal effort.

The best foreign sites to get new topics and translate them


It’s a tech news and media site that lets you get unique articles and rework them


American site interested in digital media reviews, published in English and French


This site is a real gem for those obsessed with culture related to new technologies in detail, also standing out for providing high quality technical content, with most articles written in English.


Provides news, reviews, articles, technical and electronic products


It is an American website specializing in electronic journalism

The best Arabic sites for technical topics

arabic technical topics

There are many Arabic sites that make it possible to obtain exclusive articles on computing, as well as foreign sites, so their content does not differ and contains exclusive and unpublished articles.

Arabic technical news portal

It contains the latest news, developments and instructions on how some devices work.

world of technology magazine

It contains new articles about computers and phones and programming and manufacturing lessons.

The professional

The professional, the first technical site in Morocco and the Arab world. The professional was founded in 2010 by Moroccan Amin Ragheeb. It includes a large number of articles and video clips in the form of successive episodes that cover many technology topics. It also won the award for the best Moroccan blog of the year 2012/2013 and also won the Silver Award from YouTube (first Moroccan and Arabic channel to receive this award from YouTube), and is among the top 10 Arabic technical sites according to the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) in 2013.

technology without borders

It is a technical blog very interested in bringing the latest technical news from large companies to Arab users. Provides and evaluates reviews of a group of devices of great interest to the user sector. The site also covers the latest international conference news at the time the conference is held. The website The website was created from the feast of Sultan Al-Fardan / Al-Qahtani in the year 2008 of the month of October on the twenty-seventh and until now we continue to give

aragic magazine

A media platform whose aim is to educate myself and include all fields. It was founded by Arab minds and pens from ocean to Gulf. She talks to you wherever you are anywhere. Which relies in its writing on the system of multiple writers instead of the system of one writer, which contributes to increasing competition between its writers and presenting the best, and is therefore considered a source for many articles and lessons in all fields

technology news website

The technology news site, founded by Iman Manaw, is a platform where you share information and knowledge. The technology news site covers the most important global and local topics and news in this field.
The aim of the site is to achieve real participation in our Arab world with the information it has.
How many foreign sites have I visited and only found out that the owner presents his knowledge to readers? Do you know why they do this?
Because these people are totally convinced that their real progress and development comes from sharing information with other people or, as they say, sharing information.
This person built a website to present specific knowledge, and that’s because he benefits from someone else who has another website and other knowledge.

These sites allow you to find out about all the news exclusive to the technical area as well as some electronic areas, and come to you to reformulate the content in your own way and obtain a new theme



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