Take advantage of YouTube in Algeria to earn money

Enjoy YouTube in Algeria. It’s become a haven for young people to reach a respectable income ranging from $300 to $1,000 a month, and we’ll tell you how much YouTube pays for 10,000 views. Depending on the content of the channel you are creating. We will introduce you in detail to the most important profit strategies of YouTube if you want to experience the experience of opening a channel and working to publish content on the biggest platform that attracts Algerians, which is YouTube.

Enjoy YouTube in Algeria to earn money 2021
Enjoy YouTube in Algeria

Enjoy YouTube in Algeria

In this article, we will explain the most important steps and steps to you. What must be passed to achieve Google Adsense profit terms through your channel, starting with your choice of the domain you like and know. Then he opened a channel on the YouTube platform until the well-known profit conditions were met, namely 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing last year.

YouTube profit is a source of income for Algerians, and it can also be a source of wealth. There are many successful Algerian channels with thousands of subscribers. In fact, there are millions of channels that started from scratch, such as the famous cooking channel “Umm Walid”.

You just need to provide useful content to the audience you are targeting on your channel. And as I mentioned above, choose the area in which you create and present what your subscribers are looking for, which will be a source of income for you, God willing.

So, without lying down, before explaining, you must know the most important conditions to profit from YouTube in Algeria. What is one of the conditions of the profit making policy, we mention them to you, which are:

New YouTube Rules 2021

  • The age should not be less than 18 years old.
  • Do not post content that is against YouTube and Adsense policy.
  • Avoid posting inflammatory and offensive content.
  • Avoid duplicate content, which posts copyrighted videos.
  • The number of channel subscribers should not be less than 1,000 subscribers
  • Total number of views 4000 hours in the last 12 months.
  • Have an Adsense account. Because Adsense does not accept having more than one account.
  • Also, avoid shady titles and shady thumbnails. This makes your channel vulnerable to a warning. Three warnings from youtube can lead to the permanent suspension of the channel.

After knowing the important conditions for profit. Also, in order to ensure your acceptance to make your channel profitable, we are now going through the steps of concretizing the basic idea, which is: How to open a YouTube channel from the phone?

How to Start a YouTube Channel and Profit From It in 2021

How to open a YouTube channel to enjoy. It’s very simple, just ask you to follow these steps, because they are important for its success:

  • Log in to your Gmail account on Google Chrome
  • Type in the search field: YouTube, then click Search.
  • Click on the YouTube link.
  • After accessing YouTube, click on the right side of your Gmail icon.
  • Choose a tagline for the channel that reflects the content of the channel.
  • Click Add Warp Cover, it is recommended to choose the cover size “2560 wide x 1440 high”.
  • Now choose the description of the channel, which is important to improve its visibility among people interested in your domain.
  • Write keywords, space between words with a comma (kyoworde, kyoworde).
  • Choose the target country If you want to target an Algerian audience, you must choose the country of Algeria.

How to post a video to YouTube from the phone

became Enjoy YouTube for Algerians It is very easy, especially after the great development and ease of owning a mobile phone with high functionality. As a beginner YouTuber, you can learn how to easily post a video to your yotube channel. Follow the most important steps…

  1. After clicking on the YouTube app on your mobile phone, go to your channel logo icon at the top right of the screen.
  2. Then click on your channel if the language of your phone is French. Or your channel if the phone language is Arabic.
  3. You will find it at the bottom of the screen in the channel interface after entering it. Plus sign + click on this icon.
  4. After selecting, click the plus symbol. Three options are available to you: post a video – create a short, ie a short story – and photograph directly (go online). You choose the first option, which is to post a video.
  5. After choosing the first option, which is to post a video, it will direct you to your phone storage, and there you will choose the video you want to post.
  6. Now the video will appear on your channel, and below you will find the title, description and tag field. Fill it according to what you want the title and description to be for the video.
  7. Now click on the publish button and the video will start uploading within minutes. Depending on the video size and your internet speed.

With these steps, you have published your first video on your YouTube channel. Now continue your passion to design the best videos for your audience, to quickly reach your goal, which is accomplishment Enjoy YouTube .

YouTube revenue 2021

After learning how to create the channel and also the conditions for earning income. After streaming and reaching the acceptance requirements to generate income, you should know that after accepting Adsense and linking the channel, you will gain number of views and clicks on advertisements by visitors.

Since there is no fixed percentage in the calculation of video views profit. Because Adsense is calculated per thousand views from $1 to $100. It is for English content, and it is necessary to target specific keywords.

There is also good Arabic content in terms of keyword prices. Therefore, you should use Google’s keyword planner “Google adwords” to find out the price of the search terms you will use in your video content to earn well from YouTube.

How much does YouTube pay for 10,000 views?

YouTube has a revenue payment policy for the Google AdSense advertising company. Regarding the calculation of revenue per 1000 views, it is subject to the price per click and related to the type of content and the target keywords, as well as the source of the countries of the clicks on the advertisements in the videos of the channel. The price per click in Algeria varies between $0.02 and $0.5, and each time the content has visitors from foreign countries, the price of a thousand views is high, which helps to increase the CPC of the chain.

How to receive money from YouTube

When your channel profits reach 10%, which equals $10 for the minimum withdrawal amount, which is $100, Adsense will ask you to activate your Adsense account, by requesting a PIN code from the main destination of your Adsense account. You wait up to 21 days, at the latest, for your mail to reach where you live.

Once the PIN code arrives, you will enter it in the field provided.

In addition, if access is not possible and it has been requested 3 times every 21 days, it can be activated via the identity card. When you activate the account, you wait for the profits to reach $100, so that you can withdraw it through BADRE BANQUE Bank, which is the best payment method for Algerians. This is by opening an account in the currency of dollars or euros, depending on your currency in Adsense.

With this complete explanation that we gave you on Enjoy YouTube in Algeria . I hope that you, as Algerians, have found love for most of the questions that have come to your mind in the field of Internet profit in general and YOUTUBE in particular. Share the topic with your friends on social networks, thank you.


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