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As for the second part of the course, we explained how to participate in any CPA Society Even if you’re a newbie with a guarantee of your acceptance, God willing, it mostly depends on the type of questions CPA firms ask, where you still want to make sure you know the field and you’re not a spammer. to enter the VPN and implement the offers yourself or through your friends, as unfortunately many Arabs do.

The most important question that CBI companies ask you is whether you will promote incentive offers. Your answer should always be no to this particular question, even if you intend to promote such offers in the upcoming trip.

I leave you with the second video in which I mentioned the details and how it was accepted to easily register my account in a large company like AdWork Media, which I advise you if you are a beginner to subscribe due to the large number of offers and the great credibility of the company.

The third part of the CPA training

This part is the most important and the best because we explain the design method Landing page Landing page The professionalism to promote your offer that you have chosen, and the question is why I use a landing page or a landing page? The simple answer is that you can’t directly promote the display link, no matter what type of ad network you use, most of them don’t accept CBI links, so the Landing Page plays the role mediator between advertising and direct display.
Of course, many designers can create a professional landing page through programming, but you will need hosting to elevate this page, which may cost you extra money, especially if you are a beginner, we have so found the solution via a website. instapage Excellent, which offers many landing pages for free, and also allows you to create a domain for that page after editing it and taking a direct link, which means you will not pay anything for a professional service which may cost you .
As for the second site, which is the best in my opinion, it is the site adsbridge Because it offers both free landing pages that you can edit, as well as a professional program to track and review your ad campaign CPA offer Which you promote and monitor the conversion rate of each offer so that you can earn money easily and all your advertising campaigns are successful.
The only downside of this program is that it is paid, but it offers a free week that you can enjoy, and it also offers 50,000 boosts in the trial version.


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