Profit from Google Adsense Your Complete Guide to the 7 Most Important Steps to Earning Money

Google Adsense profit is destination for more than million content publishers to profit and earn money. I won’t hide from you, followers of the elribe7 site, that one day I asked the following question: “How do I earn money on the Internet and get a respectable second income?

Profit from Google Adsense Your Complete Guide to the 7 Most Important Steps to Earning Money

Over time, I discovered the best way to generate income, which is Google AdSense. This is by owning a website on the Google Blogger platform or the WordPress platform. You can also profit from YouTube with your own channel that you create, and the point of this is to choose a field that you love and master to share it with the visitors of the website that you will create.

Also, you must create your blog in accordance with the Google Adsense policy to accept your site when filling out the Adsense form to submit your site. To achieve this, you will follow the 7 most important steps to accept Google Adsense profit, which you will discover in this article, to accept profit from Adsense ads that appear on your websites.

Requirements for admission to Adsense 2021

In order for your site to be accepted, it must meet the eligibility requirements to participate in the AdSense program. Don’t worry, it’s very simple. If you are a beginner, you should focus on seven conditions to achieve this, and we will detail them later in this article, namely:

  1. Copy the HTML code that you paste into your site when you first submit it, and make sure it’s error-free when you paste it, without adding or shortening it.
  2. Valid visits from search engines, especially Google, and that your website does not contain software codes for disguised advertisements and, above all, real visits by your website visitors.
  3. Unique content that informs visitors, and we mean unique. Valuable information for your visitors without copying and pasting duplicate content. Advertisers don’t want to run their ads on a website under construction.
  4. The quality of the content and the site, which is the presence of sufficient content, i.e. a significant number of unique articles, ease of navigation between sections of your site, and ease of access to static pages (contact us, who us are, privacy policy, terms of use).
  5. If you have an AdSense account, make sure you have it before signing up, because AdSense policy rejects more than one account and you can link more than one site to one account.
  6. The AdSense crawler’s inability to scan your site due to an error in the html code and therefore you will be rejected because your site is not ready to display ads.
  7. Basing your website pages on templates, which is one of the reasons to reject Google Adsense, which means your pages content is fully copied without adding unique information to the content or missing content like a short article of less than 300 words, plus no subheadings and useful links for visitors.

After knowing the 7 most important steps to be accepted into the Google Adsense program for your website. You’ve taken an important step towards monetizing your website content through ads for businesses. And Adsense is the mediator between you and the advertisers, and profits are calculated by impression, which is the number of ad views on website pages. Or by clicking on those ads, where you earn 68%, and Adsense earns you 32% on the price of each click you got on the site.

average google adsense earnings

This depends on the number of visitors to the site and the number of clicks. As well as the number of ad views on the website pages, in a simplified way, there are many things to determine the percentage of profit according to the traffic of each website, as well as the specialty “the niche”, the origin of the visitors and the nature of the visitors, and most important of all is to target the most expensive keywords.

On the other hand, to profit from Google Adsense. You must continue to publish high quality content that adds value to Google searches as well as your visitors. Remember this saying “content is king” and it is also the key to achieving the desired results in the medium and long term.

To calculate the average earnings on your site, Adsense gave an approximate example. How you can get an approximate percentage of your estimated earnings compared to the number of ad impressions on your website pages. It’s called revenue per thousand impressions.

RPM is a number used in advertising programs and can be useful when comparing revenue across different channels.
RPM = (estimated earnings/pageviews) * 1000

Source: Google Ads

Prohibited Content in Google Adsense 

Once you know the principle of Google Adsense profit. In addition, it is compliance with the policies that were explained above. If you want to earn money with the content you publish, know that there are some types of content that Adsense rejects and that you should be aware of, below: 

  • sexual content
  • exploitation of children
  • Copyright infringement such as publishing books without express permission or permission from the rights holder, and this applies to any copyrighted content, images, paid programs, etc.
  • Posting malicious links with the intent to harm visitors, such as information hacking
  • Hateful content
  • Dissemination and encouragement of illegal activities, such as drugs.

 Finally, we have tried on our website to explain the most important factors for success. For any professional or novice content publisher in order to profit from Google Adsense to earn money. If the article was useful to you, share it with interested friends and find a new article, God willing.


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