Participate in the raffle and win a Nissan Tamimi car for free

Participate in a Nissan Saudi Arabia 2022 car giveaway Win a Tamimi car

The 2022 Saudi car draw is an opportunity for Al Tamimi to enter the draw to win the 2022 car competition and a draw for the 2022 car from Al Tamimi showrooms in Saudi Arabia.

Next, we’ll show you how to pick up a Tamimi car. This after knowing Tamimi’s conditions for the Nissan car draw. And after implementing the terms of the 2022 Al Tamimi car giveaway, enter the 2022 car giveaway.

And since you’re in Saudi Arabia, you have the opportunity to win a 2022 Nissan car from Tamimi showrooms in Saudi Arabia.

Entry into a free Nissan car draw for 2021 and 2022.
Tamimi Showrooms Saudi Arabia 2022 Car Draw | Participate in the raffle for a Nissan 2022 car

If you are wondering how to participate in the 2022 car raffle, in which the name of the 2022 car prize winner will be drawn, and he will win a Nissan car in Saudi Arabia, Al-Tamimi Company has held many raffles for the 2022 car in Saudi Arabia, the most important being:

  • Saudi Tamimi showrooms 2022 car draw.
  • The Nissan Car Giveaway 2022: Participate in the Nissan car deals for Al Tamimi, then enter the Car Giveaway 2022.
  • To participate in a Nissan car raffle, there are certain conditions put forward by Al-Tamimi Company to get a free car and a chance to raffle a 2022 car, just fulfill the conditions and enter the raffle at Car raffle prizes for the 2022 car raffle In Saudi Arabia.

Al Tamimi Car Raffle Prizes & Sweepstakes and Nissan Car Raffle Through Saudi Arabia Competitions 2022 is the best opportunity to raffle 2022 car in Saudi Arabia.

you can ask! How do I participate in the 2022 car draw?

Want to raffle off a Tamimi Nissan car?

Fulfill the following conditions and enter a raffle for a 2022 Nissan car at Al Tamimi showrooms in Saudi Arabia:

  • If you are 18 years or older.
  • If you live in Saudi Arabia.
  • If you are located in one of the Saudi cities where there are Tamimi car showrooms. Then participate in Al Tamimi Motors offers, to participate in the raffle for a 2022 model car.
  • If you entered a 2022 car raffle competition from Tamimi showrooms in Saudi Arabia.
  • Whether the compilation of Tamimi competition terms for the 2022 Nissan car draw in Saudi Arabia has been implemented.
  • Congratulations, enter the biggest Nissan 2022 raffle in Saudi Arabia.

Participate in a car draw 2022 in Saudi Arabia: conditions for a Nissan car draw from Tamimi

  1. Only every person aged 18 and over can participate in the raffle for a 2022 Nissan car in Saudi Arabia. By participating in Tamimi’s offers for free, enter a 2022 car draw.
  2. You must participate in the competition and enter the drawing via the link to Saudi Tamimi Company’s 2022 car raffle offers.
  3. It is not necessary to buy a 2021 Nissan in 2202 if you are Saudi.
  4. To enter the clouds for a Tamimi competition car, you must be a member of the Thimari program to participate in the 2021 car draw.
  5. The telephone number registered in the program must be the same as the participation and entry number in the car draw.
  6. You must be present at the time of towing, as the car will only be delivered at that time.
  7. You must also be present in one of the cities present in the Al Tamimi Cars showrooms.
  8. Register to participate in the car draw during the period from December 21, 2021 to January 29, 2022.
  9. To participate in a car draw and increase the chance of getting a car, you must be present from December 31, 2021 to January 31, 2022 to win a Tamimi Nissan car.
  10. It should be located in the areas where Tamimi branches are located in Saudi Arabia, i.e. Riyadh, Dammam, Jubail, Al-Ahsa, Medina, Amleh, Tabuk, Hafar Al-Batin, Buraydah and finally Onaizah Al- Rass.
  11. The car draw must take place under the oversight of the Chamber of Commerce and takes place on a Nissan car each week.
  12. Anyone who wants to increase the chances of winning and winning a Nissan 2022 car must register daily for Al Tamimi offers.
  13. To participate in the weekly Nissan car giveaway, you must register in the same week.
  14. And upon compliance with all the conditions for picking up the 2022 car.
  15. After fulfilling all the conditions, enter the raffle for a Saudi Tamimi Company 2022 Nissan car.

How do I win a car through the Saudi Tamimi Company raffle?

  • First, enter a raffle to win a Saudi Tamimi Company car.
  • Enter your details on the Tamimi competition form to win a car.
  • Bring the Saudi national identity.
  • If you live in Saudi Arabia, bring your passport.
  • Complete the entry form for the car drawing to win a car attached with a coupon to win a Saudi Tamimi Company car.
  • Lastly, submit the Al Tamimi Company car sweepstakes form and win a car if you are in Saudi Arabia.

How to get 2022 Saudi Arabia car raffle prizes through Tamimi Nissan car raffle draws?

  • Nissan car raffle winners will be notified immediately via a phone call to the mobile number registered on the Tamimi voucher to enter and enter the raffle for a 2022 Nissan car.
  • As the type of prize is specified, the lottery winner does not have the right to change the type and shape of the car.
  • The winner will not be able to claim the value of the car.
  • The winner of the Nissan car contest and sweepstakes will pay all delivery and shipping costs for the car.
  • The winner picks up the car from the main branch of Al-Tamimi Automotive Showrooms Group located in Al-Khobar.
  • The winner will also pay all fees and insurance costs for the car after winning the car in the raffle competition.
  • Lastly, no Tamimi Motors Company employee may participate in the competition and enter the raffle for a Nissan car.

Saudi Tamimi Company 2022 Car Sweepstakes Strongest Deals: Enter and Enter Nissan 2022 Car Sweepstakes

  • In addition to participating in the Nissan car raffle by Al-Tamimi and the raffle for Saudi cars 2021, Al-Tamimi has put together a set of offers for car detergents, when you buy them, you get a coupon to enter the raffle of cars 2022 .
  • Make big discount offers on all products to all Saudis who want to buy Tamimi products and install Tamimi Company 2021 model cars at the beginning of our year 2022.
  • Offer Finish Dishwasher Tablets 42 tablets which is to get 32 ​​tablets for only 79 Saudi Riyals.
  • Al-Tamimi offer of Ariel 2kg washing powder, plus a 2.50kg package only, priced at 45 Saudi Riyals, and these were the best offers from Al-Tamimi Company to win a car in Saudi Arabia, and participate of a Nissan car draw in 2021 and 2022.

Here we end our theme, the withdrawal of the 2022 Saudi car. Where we answer the question How do I participate in the 2021 car draw and the conditions to participate in the 2022 car draw. And the Nissan Al Tamimi car draw is one of the offers of the Al Tamimi Company Nissan car giveaway, and you may also be interested to know how to enter 2022 car instagram competitions giveaway and 2022 car giveaway offers in Saudi Arabia.


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