How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account

Permanently delete your Facebook account

Most of the users across the world have accounts on the Facebook social networking platform, and it should be noted that you will find that someone has multiple accounts on the platform and sometime wants to close their Facebook account and delete it permanently. The platform does not just cancel the account. We will mention in this lesson How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account without the help of another person.

How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account
How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account

Permanently delete your Facebook account

it became Facebook So popular that it has become part of our personal lives. But there was a time when we wanted to get rid of Facebook permanently, not just log out of accounts or delete the app. I’m talking here about permanently removing accounts from the platform and not returning because Facebook consumes our time and collects a lot of shocking information about its users. According to some statistics, Facebook uses more than 20 thousand people per second, and the number of its users users in the dream reaches more than a billion, and the number is terrible. So, in the next paragraph, I’ll show you some steps you should follow if you want to Permanently delete your Facebook account.

facebook addiction

it became Facebook It’s such an integral part of our personal lives that we start our day by navigating through it, keeping up with the world and our friends, and even listing our personal lives on it. Sitting on Facebook achieves shocking statistics, as more than 20,000 people use it every second, and the number of users reaches more than 1 billion people worldwide.

But one day you will feel uncomfortable because your life has become a virtual world, and there are no more private matters that nobody knows about, and you decide to get rid of that feeling temporarily or permanently, Delete your Facebook account permanently then you have to follow Facebook step by step easy to apply.

Download a backup copy of Facebook account

Other service provided Facebook This is the ability to download a copy of your account to your computer before it is permanently deleted in case you want to keep your data before it is permanently deleted from your account.

The difference between deactivating a Facebook account and deleting it

The process of deactivating an account and disappearing from all friends is different from permanently deleting an account so that it cannot be reinstated. He presents Facebook Many services to keep their users, providing freedom from it. Let’s quickly review what an account deactivation and deletion service is:

Deactivate Facebook account

It is to temporarily deactivate the account, so that you can easily verify the account again by logging in with your personal details, and recover and restore the account at any time, without being bound by a specific time period.

delete facebook account

that is, it’s done Permanently delete Facebook account All account data is erased, which means it cannot be retrieved again. The steps are simple, but it takes 14 days from deletion to activate the deletion process without trying to open the account again until it is permanently deleted.

Permanently delete your Facebook account

You can permanently delete Facebook account by following few steps:

  • Open your device’s browser, not the Facebook app itself.
  • visit the following link
  • Before deleting your account, you will see information such as deactivation, transfer information and download information.
  • If you ignore all these options, you will find the blue delete account button at the bottom.
  • After clicking Delete My Account, another window will appear to confirm your request.
  • You will then re-enter your account password.
  • Finally, a window will appear informing you that your account has been suspended for 14 days, after which your account will be permanently deleted.
  • Click OK and do not attempt to open the account again for 14 days.

Is deleting Facebook account the best solution?

some people think that Permanently delete your Facebook account It is the best solution to get rid of addiction, but this decision also has disadvantages, as Facebook contains important and useful stories and information, and the exchange of experiences and healthy social relationships should be part of our lives, so it is better think about how to control yourself, schedule your time and adjust your time Appropriate and limited to sit on Facebook so as not to distract us from work or sit with family, friends, sports and so on.

We also recommend that you do not list every detail of your life on your social media pages as matters about you and your family should not be known to anyone.

If you can do it, there’s no need To permanently delete your Facebook accountespecially since you have another temporary option you can use to pause the world, which is to temporarily disable it.

Undo Facebook account deletion

gives you Facebook Lots of options, so they give you 14 days to reconsider the platform, and if you change your mind, you can cancel your takedown request. This is done very simply by opening the Facebook website and re-entering your personal data to login normally. When you open your account, you will find the Undo account deletion button, click on it and you will see your account appearing again in front of you without any problem.



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