How to make money blogging

How to make money blogging? How to create a blog on Blogger. And you will know: What is the Blogger platform? What are the conditions to profit from Blogger blog through Adsense? And how to profit from blogger without Adsense?

How to make money blogging ? This relies on creating a Blogger blog, which is among the most popular ways to profit from the Internet. It takes place through several well-known stages that you must learn. This is about creating a blog on the Google Blogger platform. It is a free platform and you need some procedures to get your blog ready to publish posts and then link it with Google Adsense to profit from it.

How to make money blogging

On our website: elribe7 – profit, we explain the most important honest ways to profit from the Internet, which you can identify below:

  • Profit from e-commerce.
  • Profit from microservices like five, sponsor, five.
  • Profit from affiliate marketing.
  • Profit from YouTube.
  • Profit from Facebook videos.

Making money with blogger is also the best way to profit from the Internet. Where you can profit from the blog in two ways, either through Adsense, accepting your blog on Adsense. Or profit from Blogger without Adsense. This is through publishing commission marketing products.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a free platform from Google. Anyone can create a blog for free. With a free domain. If you want a more reliable and professional blog, you can buy a paid domain like “com” or “net”.

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Adsense Blogger Terms

Where necessary to profit from the Blogger blog, the blog must comply with the AdSense for Sites terms, which are:

  • Create static pages (contact us, who we are, privacy policy, usage agreement).
  • Create sections and classifications to improve the user experience and make the site easier to navigate.
  • Unique, high-quality content (useful information for visitors without copying and pasting from other sites)
  • Respect for Adsense policy.
  • Link to blog with Google search and analytics console.
  • Submit sitemap maps for the blog.
  • Install a template that supports all devices and screens.
  • The code is free of errors and malicious code.

It is necessary to earn money with Blogger that your blog respects the above conditions. Then you can submit your site to Google Adsense to be responded to after acceptance. After that, you will be asked to put Adsense account ad code in your blog skin. Adsense ads will appear on your blog for you to profit by clicking on them from your visitors.

blogger profit without adsense

You can also blog owners on Blogger. Earn money from Blogger without Adsense and this is through another method which is to publish many products with placing affiliate links for these products and you will earn by clicking and completing the product purchase procedure through the link of reference on your website.

Also, most blogger blog owners use cpa profit method. It is the creation of landing pages for profitable CPA companies. Where this profit method is based on the same profit method as commission marketing and affiliate links. It is by clicking on these links and taking appropriate action as per the terms of these CPA companies.

Profit from Arabic blogs

Most of the Arab bloggers adopt the method of making money from Blogger. They publish what they are pro on YouTube channels and also through written content via Blogger blog. Especially if this content is educational, it will receive a large number of visitors through search engines, mainly Google.

There are many Arabic blogs that have become famous recently. And it made profits of up to $1000 per month. Not a motivating thing, you can also accept the challenge and work on choosing the field you like to create your own blog and then post valuable content to earn money with Blogger.

The Blogging Profit Rule

A questioner on Islamweb asked a question about the decision on how to make money from blogging. His question was as follows: 

the question 

Is it allowed to apply for Google Adsense to earn money with Blogger to publish Google Adsense ads on the blog if these ads do not contain bad website images or ads? Is it permissible to profit in this way, or is this considered a debt swap? May God reward you. 

The answer 

If the website owner can control the advertisements he displays on the Islamic blog, he should not advertise except when he is far from legal prohibitions and does not include advertising of what is prohibited or harmful. There is nothing wrong with that, even if the blog is Islamic. See Fatwa No.: 52763.


Arab famous bloggers blogs

If you are excited to learn how to make money with blogger. We will show you the best blogs of famous naked bloggers whose owners managed to make a profit from blogging through Blogger platform on their Arabic blogs. All you need to do is make an effort and continuously publish exclusive content that adds value to readers.

Here are the most popular blogger blogs:

  1. arageek
  2. smartphone world blog
  3. creative world blog
  4. Tarek Four Tech tarek4tech
  5. Houhou blog for information  

In conclusion, this was our topic about the most important secrets and How to make money blogging . What are the steps to create a Blogger blog, and have you also met Blogger profit conditions and some concepts you need us to answer. If you benefit from our explanation then you can incorporate it in creating a website for you and publishing the content to be a source of livelihood for you by choosing these Blogger profit methods.


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