How to create a free blog step by step on the Blogger platform and link it to Adsense for profit

How to create a free blog step by step on the Blogger platform and link it to Adsense for profit

How to create a blog and link it to Adsense for profit? is our topic on our website elribe7. For beginners, you will learn how to create a Blogger blog from the phone with ease, following the explanations step by step until writing articles on it. Besides tying it to Adsense for a profit of around $250 per month, minimum.

What is the blogger platform?

Blogger or “BLOGGER” in English is a platform owned by Google, created in 2003. With the aim of allowing bloggers to host their blogs on their servers for the Blogger site, free of charge. These blogs created on the Blogger platform are distinguished by the end of the following link: “” and are said to be on a free subdomain.

Additionally, bloggers can then change the domain from Blogger to a paid hosting “com”. You can buy from any other company that offers hosting for sale, like NeameCheap, Godday.

On the other hand, the Blogger platform is a platform from which many bloggers make respectable profits, just like sites with a paid domain. As we saw in a previous lesson on how to profit from YouTube. The same for Blogger blog, and the difference between them is that YouTube is the video content platform, and in Blogger blog, it is the publishing of written content.

How to start a for-profit blog?

In our explanation, we will discuss the most important steps to create a blog on the free Blogger platform. Please follow the steps well, they are easy and simple and you should apply them without error. You can also use a mobile phone or a computer.

the first step

Log in to your email on Google Chrome. That you want to open a new blog.

The second step

  • Connect to the Blogger platform by clicking on the link click here
  • Click on Create your blog.
  • Write the name of your blog of choice, which will appear next to your articles in Google and under the url in Google search results.
  • Type in your blog’s address, which will appear before the “” subdomain.
  • Check if it is available, until you find the title is available, click Next
  • Click on the word Save after accepting your blog title, and it is recommended that it be short, less than 7 characters.

After registering the blog on the Blogger platform. Now we will adjust the blog settings that help your blog show up in search engines, especially Google. As well as the appearance of all the articles that you will publish later on Blogger.

Adjust blogger settings

It should be understood that it is very important to set the correct settings of the Blogger blog to benefit from it. Because it helps all your articles to appear on Google, Bing, Yahoo…etc search engine.

On the other hand, it facilitates crawling by search engines to quickly archive your topics. The point of all of this is that when visitors search for a specific search phrase, your article that targeted those keywords will show up in the search results. Thus, you will earn clicks on your articles that appear in Google search results.

Here’s how to set the correct Blogger blog settings, as follows:

Go to the right of the screen and click on the = icon. A destination for all settings will appear for you. Choose to click Settings. And set up your blog as follows.

blog address:

It is better not to exceed four words. Which will appear under your blog’s homepage link.

Description of the blog:

Write a long description of something less than 500 characters with a space. And it depends on the area of ​​content that you will publish to your blog visitors.

Google Analytics site ID:

This is your registration in Google Analytics to get your blog statistics and visitors tracking ID. It is a small code made up of numbers and letters. And put this code in the Google Stats ID field.


Which Activate the option visible by search engines. By activating this option, your blog can appear in Google after archiving and sending sitemaps.

Enable the HTTPS option:
By enabling the https feature, you have enabled redirection from http to https for users visiting your site in a safe and reliable manner. This option is also an encrypted connection to protect your blog data as well as blog visitors.

Description of the research:

Writing a description of your blog in the search description field is very important, especially after qualifying it as Adsense profit. It is recommended to write at least 150 characters and choose a short description by which you target the blog posts area. The search description appears below the blog title on the home page in the search results. To make it easier for Google and visitors to understand your blog’s domain.

These are the most important settings to get your blog ready to post. On the other hand, you have prepared it for acceptance in Adsense after installing the template in which your blog appears, as well as the content that you will write for your site visitors according to the field in which you write.

Adsense Blogger Terms of Service

After doing everything we explained above, now you know the most important conditions to profit from Google AdSense and when we can submit the blog to Google AdSense.

To be considered for acceptance and thus take advantage of the Adsense advertisements that appear to visitors on the blog, we mention the most important of these conditions, which are:

  1. The site structure must provide a user experience consistent with your AdSense admission requirements. Like easy navigation between sections, and it depends on your creation of sections of your site by choosing a paid or free template.
  2. Proprietary and sufficient content, i.e. avoid posting duplicate content and relying on copying and pasting other people’s content. Be careful, Google Adsense is smarter and detects it. It is enough to write articles of more than 300 words by taking care of the good formatting of the article (paragraphs, title h1, subtitle h3).
  3. Create static pages, which is a prerequisite for admission to Adsense, to enjoy the Blogger blog. This means the Contact Us page, Privacy Policy and Who We Are.
  4. Quality and warehouse values ​​are important to accept your blog for profit. Write a sufficient number of contents with articles linked to each other (internal backlink). This makes it easier for visitors to navigate your site with interconnected information, and it is one of the conditions of acceptance in Google AdSense.
  5. Avoid violating Google Adsense policy. Read the Adsense terms and policies before submitting them to the blog for review.

Blogs of Famous Arab Bloggers

After following you on how to start a Blogger blog and link it to Adsense for profit. We will show you the 5 most famous Arabic blogs that have managed to gain the largest segment of readers and visitors. And this is to inspire you with success ideas, so here is a list of the most famous Arab blogger blogs, which are:

In conclusion, our explanation was how to start a blog and link it to Adsense for profit. For beginners, the most important steps to create it, as well as the most basic Blogger settings and how to adjust them. With a full explanation of the most important Adsense admission requirements, you will now have an eligible blog to benefit from.


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