Effective Ways to Speed ​​Up Your Computer and Laptop in More Than One Ways

Speed ​​up your computer and laptop

These days, we all have our own personal computer but sometimes it is slower than a turtle, all because of many things inside the computer, but there are many solutions to the problem of slow computer software, including relying on the Windows operating system and at speed you follow us.

Effective Ways to Speed ​​Up Your Computer and Laptop in More Than One Ways

The problems that any computer or laptop faces are:

  • Slow games.
  • Slow Windows startup.
  • It loads slowly on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Windows downloads are slow.

The best ways to speed up your computer

With time and use of laptop, work computer becomes very slow due to many useless programs installed in the machine, and it can also become full of programs that you have downloaded from your computer. The Internet from unofficial sources, extracted and hacked, full of viruses, we continue to spread the Internet.

Delete unused programs to speed up your computer and laptop

Utilities that you may have installed over the lifetime of your machine, such as virus scanners, disk cleaners, and backup utilities, usually run automatically at startup and run silently in the background when you can’t see them. Microsoft warns that “a lot of people don’t even know they work”. A good rule of thumb is to check your installed apps regularly and delete the ones you no longer regularly use. If you need to download tools for specific one-off functions (like cloning a hard drive), you should also uninstall them after completion to avoid similar situations in the future and speed up your laptop’s warranty.

Determine startup programs to speed up your laptop

Many programs are designed to start automatically when Windows starts. Software manufacturers often set their software to open in the background, unseen, so that it opens as soon as you click on its icon. This is useful for programs that you use frequently, but for those that you rarely or never use. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to modify which apps can run on Windows 10 startup.

  • Just go to the Settings menu, tap Apps, then tap the Startup tab.
  • This will show you a list of all the programs or services you can choose to run at startup.
  • Labels describing the effect on system resources and performance and an option to prevent or allow it to run at startup.
  • Just enable any services you don’t want running all the time and you’ll start to see a performance boost when speeding up your laptop.

Disable automatic updates to speed up your computer and laptop

In general, we don’t recommend disabling automatic software updates, as it’s the easiest way to keep your device secure and protect it from various cyberattacks and compatibility issues. After all, turning off automatic software updates can leave your device vulnerable to serious security issues. But you can use this trick as a temporary solution. .

Add more RAM to speed up your computer and laptop

Many of the tweaks we’ve already mentioned rely on freeing up extra system memory for general startup and laptop acceleration. However, if your laptop has 2GB of RAM or less, adding some extra capacity is a great way to get that extra performance. However, there are some caveats. If you do this while running a 32-bit version of Windows, the maximum amount of RAM you can have on your system is 3GB. For these systems, if you have 2 GB and add another 2 GB, Windows will only use 3 GB of RAM and this is due to 32-bit OS addressing memory limitations.

Ways to speed up your computer without software

To remove any program from the operating system, you must go to the control panel, you will find the option to uninstall a program at the bottom, select it and you will find a long list of programs installed on your device and it will be enough to double click on any program you want, then a window will appear, follow the steps until it is done Remove the entire program.

In most cases, the fastest way to speed up your computer is to not use any software, i.e. uninstall programs that you are not using on your computer because they consume a lot of computer resources like RAM, CPU and other components and because they take up a lot of space on your hard disk, because most of these programs are in files, even if you turn off running in the background.

The best computer accelerators are virus applications because they protect your computer from viruses and due to the wide variety of viruses that exist today, you must protect your computer because viruses only cause a lot of danger to the files on your hard drive and they slow down the boot Turn on the device.

How to clean and speed up your computer

Taking good care of your computer is like cleaning it from dust as dust is a major factor in computer slow down as it affects all the electronic components inside the computer which can affect the efficiency of the computer.

Use ReadyBoost to Boost Your Memory

ReadyBoost is a nice little feature that Microsoft introduced in Windows Vista. It basically allows you to speed up your laptop using a flash drive as an extra capacity to boost your system memory. While not as good as swapping out a traditional hard drive for an SSD or adding more RAM, ReadyBoost will slightly increase your system’s performance.

How to Use ReadyBoost to Speed ​​Up Your Laptop or Computer

  • Start by inserting the USB storage drive into an empty USB slot on the laptop you want to speed up.
  • A dialog will open asking what you want to do with the flash drive. Select “Speed ​​up my system with Windows ReadyBoost”.
  • Another window will open where you can choose how many units you want to give up for the upgrade.
  • Generally, it’s a good idea to use as many units as possible.
  • Once done, confirm the settings and the window will close. The unit will be automatically detected and used when connected.

One last note: if your hardware is already fast enough, Windows will prevent you from using ReadyBoost because your system won’t take advantage of it.


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