Conditions for accepting your blog or website on Google Adsense

In contemporary times, everyone is looking for profitable ways, because now it’s time to make a profit on the Internet, whether making a profit on the Internet over the phone or making a profit on the computer.
One of the most profitable businesses today is Google Adsense earnings, either through blogging or uploading videos to YouTube or the Internet in general, as Google Adsense earnings are considered to be the most popular today and the most profitable.

How to Make Sure and Ensure Your Site is Accepted in Google Adsense

Now it is difficult to apply for Google Adsense and make profit, mainly because many bloggers suffer from Adsense rejection on their websites, despite the large number of articles and the availability of some conditions, but the message always comes with rejection

In this post, I’m going to put in your hands what you should consider and take into account to ensure acceptance in Google Adsense.

What should you do after your blog is approved for google adsense?

Requirements for admission to Google Adsense

Today, everyone is looking to profit from the Internet, and Google AdSense is the greatest interface to achieve this worldwide, as millions of blogs and new websites join the Google Adsense service daily, as it has become the majority of people who rely on it to profit.

But recently this is not easier as Google has become stricter as many have tried to trick the company to get approval, so much about refusing to accept Adsense for many websites and blogs or closing accounts that were operating, so The Google Adsense has set some conditions to accept your blog That if you literally apply it on your website or blog, I guarantee your acceptance on Google Adsense and start profiting from it.

The most important requirements for acceptance in Google Adsense adsense

The website must be complete

Your site must be complete, that is, all pages must be filled in, and avoid leaving blank pages without any topic. This means for Google that your site is incomplete, i.e. it is not ready to send a profit request to Google Adsense.

Content must be unique, complete and interesting

Adsense Acceptance Service Your website content must be unique, unique, not copied from other websites and useful for readers Where it should be a subject that is not boring and interesting for the reader to attract more visitors, gain Google’s trust and get Google Adsense approved.

There must be at least 30 articles on the blog before applying for google adsense, and it must be more than 300 words, and the articles must be formatted and have subheadings and topics in the area of ​​interest of the blog.

intellectual property right

Intellectual property rights arise from the most important conditions for acceptance into Google Adsense, which is that your website or blog does not violate intellectual property rights, such as movie, music, live streams of matches and images that have rights, as well as pirated books, series and cracks to activate Programs or anything related to violence and terrorism

site readiness

The blog must belong to your name when applying for Google Adsense ANDfrom necessary that Are you older than 18 Therefore, you must use your correct date of birth and age when signing up for an AdSense account.

The website must be SEO friendly To bring more visitors and improve search engines.

Use an organizer template andfast , Compatible with all devices and don’t pay for a free model In extreme cases or lack of features for a paid model and this model is free and SEO friendly IF THE And acceptable for Google Adsense.

Bringing more daily visitors to your website and increasing your website’s Alexa ranking gives you more chances to get accepted on Google Adsense.

paid domain Not conditionally, but it gives better chances of getting accepted in Google Adsense.

The website must be linked to your Google Analytics account Google Search Console This is how you show Google that you are an expert, not an amateur, and you know how to develop your website.

Create a privacy policy page for your blog

Most bloggers don’t pay much attention to the privacy policy page, we want to tell you that one of the most important things we should do before signing up for Google Adsense is to create a privacy page for your blog

Create an “About Us” page

The About Us page is considered one of the most important conditions for acceptance in Google Adsense because it gives a general summary about the blog and is like an identification card of the blog and gives the impression to the visitor that there are real people working behind this blog and not a fake blog that doesn’t exist, which increases followers’ trust in your blog

Create a contact page

Creating this page indicates that you care about the opinion and taste of your visitors and readers and that you are ready to answer all their questions at any time.

The most important reasons for rejecting your request for acceptance in Google Adsense

Requirements for Admission to Google Adsense adsense

Content must be good

Pay close attention to the content you publish, as there are some contents that Adsense does not accept at all, and they are:

  • adjusted content
  • Only pornography and adult content
  • Illegal drugs and paraphernalia
  • Anything else illegal

not Comply with Google Adsense policy and Google Adsense terms and conditions on your blog

Before submitting the request to the Google Adsense team, make sure you remove all other ads and make your website or blog free from any kind of ads, although Google Adsense accepts the use of other ads at the same time, but it is it is preferable to remove them before submitting the request to Google Adsense, which takes anywhere from two days to a few weeks.

do not apply directly Many beginners apply for Google Adsense immediately after completing the construction of the new site. You must wait until some conditions are fulfilled.

Do not use images that have ownership, that is, they were downloaded directly from Google and used on your site, it is better to modify the images and give your touch and a special logo to your blog.

blade At the end of the topic, where these were the most important conditions and tips for acceptance in Google Adsense It is a personal experience on many blogs and then I accept, thank God, from the first request If you implement it accurately on your website, you can be sure that it will be accepted in Google Adsense.


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