A simple way to earn $20 a day

In the year 2023, there are many profitable ways and strategies through the Internet, but I consider Membership benefit One of the best and most profitable.

In this article, I share with you, my brother, a follower Income Blog A simple strategy to earn more than $20 a day without capital via the Udemy affiliate site.

Membership benefit

What is an Affiliate? And why did we choose Udemy?

Membership benefit Or what is called in English affiliate marketing is simply that you promote a specific product in order to sell it and get a commission in exchange for this work, of course the product can be real or electronic.

there is a lot of Affiliate income sites which offers profits in exchange for promoting their products such as Amazon Affiliate And eBay, Admitad and other big companies… As for the strategy we are going to use today, it will be through the UDEMY affiliate for buying and selling educational courses.

We chose the Udemy platform because it is very powerful, especially in terms of users, because it is considered the second educational platform after YouTube, and it has great credibility because all teachers are verified before adding the course.

This platform offers a 15% commission for every sale made through your affiliate link.

Subscribe to Udemy Affiliate

You can create a Udemy affiliate account through the broker rakutenmarketing To provide commission income, by entering a link Udemy Affiliate Program Then click Join Now as shown in the image below.

Udemy Affiliate Program

You will be taken to an important window which contains all the data like email, name, surname, address and lots of important information which needs to be added correctly. The most important step is to add your location information and the reason for your participation in this system (you must write a convincing message for your application to be accepted).

Membership benefit

Of course, the chances of your acceptance will be great, God willing. The important thing is that you focus on the information you provide in order to convince them, such as that you have a great Facebook page and that you will promote your links, or that you will create a paid advertising campaign through AdWords or Bing, or that you own a large YouTube channel and will post your links.

In case you don’t have a website, that’s no problem bro, you can create a free website through a platform Blogger or platform Wix And installing a paid domain for it or leaving it with the same free domain (as we said, it is possible to promote without capital).

Ways to Profit from Affiliate

Once your account is activated, all you have to do is promote links to sell courses. You can choose a course Enjoy adsense and viral and promote its sale by providing $11.99 discount coupon for course price using coupon YOUTUBE2019

Or search for any course as shown in the image and grab your link and promote it.

Udemy Affiliate

Now, as promised, I will serve you Affiliate Profit Secrets (Commission Selling) From this site, where you just have to create a new blog via Blogger and choose Arabic courses (competition in Arabic courses is very low) and name it, for example, Udemy courses, then to start by creating articles with links to the courses that you will be promoting, mentioning the most important existing sections and the positive evaluations it has obtained (other than attracting them with the price with the discount you offer them ) then add your link and so everyone will enter this article and buy. commission and it can be withdrawn easily through a bank Paypal or Payoneer .

With a simple math process, you can promote a cheap course and get $2 for every sale, which is enough to sell it just 10 times to get $20 a day, my friend! Isn’t that great?
To better understand the method, my friend advises you to watch this important video which presents the idea step by step.

So what are you waiting for my friend? Create an account and start working now, and I wish you all the best.

Profiting from Udemy through adsense ads

Apart from promoting through the affiliate, you can, my friend, enjoy the Udemy website throughEarning Google Adsense Ads This is done by creating a Blogger blog and creating posts that give users free coupons for paid courses.
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That is, you will search for new coupons for owners of paid courses, add articles that talk about the content of this course, offer the user a coupon to get it for free, and put Adsense ads in this blog, and so user earns by getting paid courses, and you earn by Google Adsense clicks and expensive in this area as picture shows.

Earn from Udemy

Of course, we’re talking about real, legit coupons here, not stolen courses, so you don’t violate Google Adsense policies, which means you should put the courses on as soon as they come out to get the most visitors.
If you want to blog via Blogger (it’s free), I advise you to use It’s a great model Which is compatible with Blogger blog coupon templates.

To get the best sites that offer these coupons for free, I recommend the site Udemy Free Voucher
Of course, to increase your profits, you need Bring visitors And there personally, I advise you at the beginning to take advantage of the Facebook groups which offer the same field as yours, and which allow you to post links without problem.


I also advise you, my friend, to learn the field of SEO in order to improve your blog internally and externally for the Google search engine and get many high quality visits without paying a penny through advertising.
If you are interested, I want to tell you a nice piece of information, that we have created a complete course via Udemy that teaches you step by step how to work on your blog to be number one, God willing.
You can get the course from a link SEO course 2023A big discount for you my friend.
I wish you good luck and success, and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments, and I’m happy for your answer.


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