A real project to earn more than 2130 dollars per month

If you are looking for pennies! Or follower of sites that give only crumbs, the article is not for you. Because I simply intend to present a real project for all those who want to change their life through the Internet and make big profits the time they spend Create a coupon site.


Create a coupon site

Before I start explaining and explaining the method, my brother must know that this area was the biggest area he helped me in Take advantage of the Internet And Reach over 50 thousand dollarsIn a short time, I told you that this project could change your life.

How to benefit from creating a coupon site?

Simply, my dear brother, coupon or discount website considers it the most profitable project for the year 2023, because it is a site dedicated to providing the best discounts to people and helping them to to buy. Therefore, it is in great demand by people. Most of those who want to buy something on the Internet now or buy from Amazon, before starting the search, write an Amazon coupon.

Create a coupon site

The profit from creating a coupon site comes in two ways:

To put your affiliate links embedded in coupons, and therefore each person who makes a purchase will receive a commission.
For your coupon site to be paid, that is to say that the person will only add his coupon if he pays a sum of money on your site.
Add a large banner ad that all visitors see as soon as they enter the site.

A Look and Analysis at the Best Arabic Coupon Site

After talking about the advantages of working in the coupon business and how profitable and very special it is, the time has come to talk about an example of a wonderful Arabic coupon site in terms of organization, the number of coupons it contains, and of course make a profit.

Coupon5sm.com discount coupon site

The website is discount coupon It is one of the largest and biggest Arabic coupon sites, as it offers a wide range of different coupons to a large number of Arabic and international electronic stores, such as Amazon, Noon, Namshi and others department stores, because the site cooperates with many stores through the main commission marketing networks, whether Arab or international, and also focuses The site is constantly trying to obtain coupons for new and diversified stores.

What are the sources of traffic for the coupon site?

The sources of visits to the coupon code site vary widely, as they own the website, YouTube channel, an Instagram account and a large mailing list, but the largest source of visits to the coupon code site is SEO or site optimization. for search engines, because SEO constitutes up to 90% of the total number of monthly visits to the site, which forces us to focus a lot when establishing a coupon site on SEO as main source of traffic.

Steps to Create a Coupon Site

Choosing a Domain and Hosting

Choosing a domain and hosting is the basis for the success of this wonderful project, so you should choose your own domain that is easy to save so that people will remember it and always come back to it to search for the latest free coupons, and here is a big mistake that many beginners make, who make a free website, that is, they search about free hosting, and this is a big mistake, because it is unable to bear the number of visitors, except that it always sends them annoying advertisements.

I advise my friend to host Host Gato, who I’ve been dealing with for years, especially since he currently offers the domain for free with every annual plan.

you can order Hostgator hosting from here And add this coyon SUPER2020 Which will give you a 65% discount on the purchase price.

Host Gator hosting also features stability and support, a free security certificate, and lots of freebies from unlimited business emails.

Choose a template and download it

there is a lot of WordPress Templates feature that you can use in a domain Earn coupons But I name mower model As the most successful model with me, which helped me achieve these wonderful results.

The template is paid, but because you are a follower of my channel and blog, you can download it for free from this link mower model

Logo creation

For a large profitable site and a real project, you need to create a well-known refrigerator, so it is necessary to create a strong logo that expresses this brand and shows the professionalism of your site.

You can use the site CAN GO In case you want to design a beautiful logo without any design experience.

Prepare for major adjustments

Here you access important settings for your coupon site. You should edit important pages such as Privacy Policy, About Site and Contact Us (Contact Form 7 plugin can be used).

Otherwise, you must modify the data of all the people who will subscribe to your site to add coupons, such as requiring them to subscribe before starting work, and also not to add expired coupons or automatically delete.

Add payment methods

In the event that your site becomes known, you can increase your profits by adding means of payment to the site, which means that the person who wants to enter his coupon will have to pay you a commission in order to be able to subscribe.

You can add the payment method via Paypal, as it is the easiest and most popular when working online.

Add coupons

Try to subscribe to the most affiliates, use the most companies, get big discounts and add them to your site, my friend.

I recommend companies:

CJ Affiliate
eBay Partner Network
bank of clicks
Amazon Partners

Promote your coupon site

There are many ways to promote, but the way I advise you is to learn SEO, because it is the best source of traffic and attracting visitors in this type of field.

You can also promote through influencers with big Instagram accounts and big YouTube channel owners.

To better understand the method and work step by step, I advise you to take advantage of the video

I hope this method and project has helped you improve your life for the better, so don’t forget to support us with a motivational comment.


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