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TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform in the world today, as this app has revolutionized the world of social media, since its release, including over 1.5 billion downloads and more than 800 million monthly active users on the platform, and with the growing popularity of this application, the most important question now is when to start Earn from Tik Tok ? And can I make profits through my account, similar to the methods currently available on other platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram?

The answer, my dear brother, is yes.

Good and excellent is a multiplicity Ways to Enjoy Tik Tok App And the huge number of strategies you can use to make money on the platform, but I personally recommend it to anyone who thinks about it Take advantage of the internet Through the use of social media platforms, it should start with the TikTok platform, especially since it is still relatively new, so there is not much competition yet, and the competition is not great, and the most important thing is the natural reach of your videos, which is considered the best compared to the rest of the competitors for this application.

Earn from Tik Tok

Here are the top 5 ways you can enjoy Tik Tok:

  1. Earn with donations
  2. Enjoy Tik Tok Through Live Stream Videos
  3. Enjoy Affiliate Using Your Tik Tok Account
  4. Enjoy YouTube through Tik Tok
  5. Promote your online store

#1 Earn with donations

If you ask me, my dear brother, when will this begin? Earn from Tik Tok ? I will tell you immediately after you create your account, yes as I said, and of course that is when you use the donation profit strategy, don’t despise this method, because that is one one of the most profitable ways in influencer accounts today, especially those with educational content.

To earn donations in your account, it’s a simple matter. All you need to do is provide content that your subscribers love and get them back to help you provide the best out of your account, which means all you have to do is subscribe to a donation brokerage site and put its link in the description of your account on the TikTok platform, and people enter through this link and donate to you, thus making excellent profits.

I advise you, my dear brother, to take advantage of it here position buy coffee Which lets you create a full account for free, add methods for accepting payment from your subscribers via Paypal or Stripe, and add exclusive freebies to them, such as lessons that only those who donate can see , or e-books only those that activate the monthly donation on your download account.

You can follow this video to understand the method in detail.

Earn from Tik Tok

#2 Enjoy TikTok through live videos

Before talking about profit from Tik Tok using live streams, you should know my dear brother that you can only use his private account when you reach 1000 followers through Tik Tok

When you provide a live stream, the TikTok app lets people give you gifts that you can transfer into diamonds, and those diamonds are then converted into cash and withdrawn through your account.

you can Find out your tiktok balance By logging into your account and clicking on the balance box, then direct gifts, and there you will find the coins you have earned.

The only problem with this profitable method is that Tik Tok takes a commission of 50% of your profits, which means that if you transfer 1000 diamonds, it will earn you $50, which is half the amount.

#3 Enjoy Affiliate Using Your Tik Tok Account

Profiting from affiliate using your TikTok account is one of the best ways that I recommend to anyone who wants to make big profits per month through this app.

To better understand the method and how to enjoy Tik Tok, here you must create an account specialized in a domain, and that this domain has products that can be sold, for example, to create a Tik Tok account for information about dog l breeding and the most important products they need, then you subscribe to a company A famous affiliate for example Amazon Affiliate And to choose products related to the content you provide about dogs and put the product link in your account description, and ask your followers to buy this product by entering your account description.

This will give you excellent numbers. In the following image, one of the accounts that works the same way and makes over $4,000 per month thanks to Earning Amazon Affiliate .

Earn from Tik Tok

#4 Enjoy YouTube through TikTok

Perhaps you will ask me here if Enjoy YouTube What is the advantage of Tik Tok? Simply, my dear brother, and while converting your personal account to a business account, you can include links to your accounts such as Instagram and YouTube.

Here, the method mainly depends on Generate traffic by posting a teaser clip on Instagram from your YouTube video And tell them that Anyone who wants to watch the full video should go to my YouTube channel So you will get wide views and extra profit.

#5 Promote your online store

This method is widely used by many tiktok influencers Where they promote their products directly through the videos they post, I mean bro, if you have an online store and sell products such as t-shirts, mugs or other products, you can promote them during the live broadcast.

The important thing in this method is that you never forget to add the link of your online store in your account description and encourage interested people to enter your store. There is also another trick that they use is to write the netger link on a piece of paper or in the product itself so that subscribers can easily save it, grab it and buy those products. .

The problem with this method is that it only works with large account holders, as it will make sales easier for them.

In the end my dear brother, the tiktok platform like any other platform will fail to profit from it unless you provide the addition and get people to like the content you have provided. It will definitely help your account to grow fast and increase your account. subscribers, and thus increase your profits.


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