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To reduce your exposure to radiation, pay attention to the SAR rating when buying a new smartphone


The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection recommended paying attention to the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) when buying a new smartphone.

The office explained that the SAR refers to the electromagnetic energy that is absorbed by nearby body tissues in the form of heat through the transmitted smartphone.

The German office added that the Specific Absorption Rate is measured in "watts/kg," noting that the current limit, which protects against health risks such as cancer, is 2 watts/kg.

Smartphones with a “Sarr” rate of 0.6 watts/kg or less are considered low radiation, knowing that phones such as “Apple iPhone 14” or “Google Pixel 7” (Pixel 7) have a “Sarah” rate of about 1 watt/kg.

How do we deal with radiation?

For those seeking to reduce the impact of gadgets on the body, experts advise using cell phones outdoors, plugging in a headset whenever possible, and reducing call time to 1-2 minutes.

It is also recommended to limit the daily operating time of mobile phones - especially for children and people with weakened immunity - and it is better to leave the device on the charger away from the bed. And during everyday life, carry your smartphone in your bag, not in your pocket.

A "Sarr" level can be found in a smartphone's specification booklet or on the phone's box, and people rarely pay attention to this specification, because most simply don't know what it is and don't realize its danger. But this property can harm the human body, so it definitely deserves attention.

The scientific community cannot provide accurate SAR data, because it is not fully revealed how mobile phone radiation affects a person, but the average data has been presented for a long time.

The extreme uncertainty scares people, some of whom seriously consider the possibility of malignant tumors due to cellular contact.

It should be noted that this indicator in the description of the devices is not static, that is, it is constantly changing. The strength of the effect depends on many factors, for example the stability of the current connection.

The better the signal level, the lower the body's electromagnetic radiation. On the contrary, when the connection begins to disappear, the smartphone begins to emit more electromagnetic waves, and the maximum radiation rate is reached when the moment of switching from one cell tower to another occurs.