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iPhone 14 crushes modern Android devices in a speed test


The new "iPhone 14 Pro Max" has been put against two of its competitors from the "Android" operating system in the maximum speed test, according to a report carried by the Express website. It seems that the award for the fastest smartphone will go to Apple, which outperformed its competitors working on the "Android" system in the last round of speed tests. And the completely new “iPhone 14 Pro Max” mode, which now works with the “A16 Bionic” processor, along with the latest Android phones, the “Pixel 7 Pro” and “Galaxy Z Fold4” Using a number of popular apps, the team at PhoneBuff tested how quickly files such as games, camera, streaming services and utilities could be opened and then closed. Also turn on some photographic filters and shoot HD video. Once each app is launched and closed, the whole process is re-run again to see which phones have managed to keep their cached data. This is important because it helps make loading times much faster. And to make things fair Fon Buff used the same apps on both Android and iPhone and opened them in exactly the same order, and it also uses unique robotic arms and a stylus to make sure things perform at the same speed on all phones.

All devices tested performed well when opening apps like Spotify and Disney, but where the iPhone preceded the rest was when open apps and processes became more memory-intensive. The Apple smartphone outperformed both the Pixel 7 and the Galaxy Z Fold4 when shooting video and running filters in photo-editing applications. After the first round, the iPhone 14 Pro Max was ahead of the Both the Pixel and the Galaxy. The iPhone completed tasks in 2 minutes and 45 seconds. This speed test is clearly good news for Apple fans, but things may change later this month. Qualcomm is about to The American chip maker is holding its annual technology summit where it will almost certainly showcase its new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. If all goes as usual, the Gen 2 will make the next generation of Android devices faster. While full details about the Gen 2 won't be released until next week, Qualcomm has posted some big hints about one phone that looks set to show off this chip with the Galaxy S23 almost certain to be powered exclusively by this processor. In a recent call with investors, Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm, said, "I think we will announce the next generation The next Snapdragon will be at our tech summit in a couple of weeks."