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After using it at a major training base, the US Army deletes an app containing "disguised" Russian software


A report published by the Reuters news agency revealed that thousands of smartphone applications in the Apple Store and Google contain software developed by Pushwoosh technology, which presents itself as a US-based company, but is in fact Russian.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - the main US agency for combating major health threats - said it thought Poshwoosh was based in Washington, but removed its software from 7 public apps due to security concerns after discovering its relationship with Moscow. .

The US military also said that it removed an application containing the "Pushwoosh" software in March 2022 due to the same concerns, indicating that the soldiers used this application at one of the main training bases.

According to "Reuters", the headquarters of "Pushwoosh" is located in the city of Novosibirsk in Siberia, where it was registered as a software company that also processes data. It employs about 40 people, and generated revenues of 143,270,000 rubles ($2.4 million) last year, and it is registered with the government.

As for social media, and in US work permits, "Poochoosh" presents itself as an American company, headquartered in several areas in California, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Pushwoosh provides code and data processing services to software developers, enabling them to identify the online activity of smartphone application users and send customized push notifications from the company's servers.