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Apple Watch saves teenage girl from rare cancer


The Apple Watch is credited with helping many people detect heart disease or even saving their lives thanks to its fall and car accident detection features. But this time around, the watch saved a 12-year-old girl and found and cured her cancer before it was too late with the help of heart rate notifications. Hourdetroit reported that Emani Miles, a 12-year-old girl, and her mother, Jessica Kitchen; They found alerts from the Apple Watch about an abnormally high heart rate. After constant alerts, Kitchen decided to take her daughter to the hospital. There, Imani had to have an operation to treat appendicitis, but the story didn't stop there. Doctors noticed a tumor in the appendix, and according to them, "it rarely appears in children." After further examination, the doctors discovered that the cancer had already spread to other parts of Imani's body. After that, Imani had to undergo surgery again to remove the cancer, and fortunately, everything went well. Kitchen told the site that she might have waited much longer to take Emani to the hospital, had it not been for the Apple Watch alerts. This long wait may be fatal for the girl. "If she hadn't had that watch, it would have been a lot worse," Kitchen said. Joa Bocas, who works as an "influencer" in the field of digital health, explains how wearable devices have played a "critical role in supporting people to build better health behaviours". Wearable devices alone would not be a miracle, but combined with human efforts, they can improve well-being.

Earlier this month, a 34-year-old woman reported that she had found out she was pregnant after noticing a significant increase in her resting heart rate after being measured with an Apple Watch. And in August