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Samsung smart watch user claims he burned his wrist while sleeping


You may need to consider continuing to wear your old Samsung Galaxy smartwatch all night, after press reports that a user's wrist was burned by this type of watch while he was sleeping. And if the best fitness trackers are useful tools for monitoring your fitness goals; Many of them have sleep quality monitoring features, so manufacturers encourage you not to remove them while you sleep if you want to monitor this aspect of your health as well.

But if you're using an older Samsung smartwatch, such as the Galaxy Watch Active 2, you might want to consider getting a different sleep wearable, after user The Matters of Self claimed ( TheMattsterOfSelf claims that his watch caused a third-degree burn to his wrist while he slept, according to the Dailymail.

The post, which showed the person being burned, shared the same Reddit user on a channel called 'WellThatSucks', according to the British newspaper.

In his comments, the user said that the watch that caused the burn was a Galaxy Watch Active 2, and had used it to manage insomnia for some time.

The user adds that the burn he sustained is third-degree, the type that extends to the fatty layer that lies under the dermis.

The user indicated that he did not put any kind of skin cream, and that he was taking sleeping medications, so he did not feel the burns until late at night, according to the British newspaper.

A few users of the Reddit platform also reported similar problems while wearing this model of the Samsung smart watch, according to the same source.

Although wearables such as FitBit, Samsung Watch and Apple Watch are best known for tracking heart rate, millions are using them to track sleep quality as well.

Samsung smartwatches have caused burns to the wrist in the past, according to the Daily Mail.

Earlier this year, Fitbit recalled 1.7 million of its smartwatches after 118 users were infected with a high temperature, two-thirds of whom suffered third-degree burns, according to the British newspaper.

Owners get $299 back, plus get a discount on future purchases.

The problems were caused by the overheating of the lithium-ion battery in the smartwatch.

The Daily Mail says it has contacted Samsung for comment, without saying whether it has received an answer.