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omprehensive explanation of the new playstation plus service

 Less than a month remains officially left for sony's new updates and categories of PlayStation Plus. Since many players still don't understand what the service will offer so far, today we decided to provide you with a comprehensive explanation and summary of all the updates that will come to the most important PlayStation services, and what segment do we recommend you subscribe to in June?


here's all the information you need about the new playstation plus service chips


what are the new playstation plus subscription categories and what do you offer?

cover brings together sony's most famous games on playstation


PlayStation Plus Essential chip

PlayStation Plus Extra Slide

PlayStation Plus Premium chip

PlayStation Plus includes a new Deluxe-themed service segment

1- PlayStation Plus Essential chip

The same regular subscription system is currently available and offers you multiplayer online gaming experience, and you get two (or more) games free of charge per month, as well as cloud storage for your various games.


the subscription price for this chip is $10 per month / $60 per year.


2- PlayStation Plus Extra chip

It offers the same Features of PlayStation Plus Essential as well as a library of more than 400 fully downloadable PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games including God of War, Spider-Man, Mortal Kombat 11, Death Stranding, and Returnal.


the subscription price for this chip is $15 per month / $100 per year.


3- PlayStation Plus Premium Chip

It offers the same features as PlayStation Plus Extra and adds 340 new PlayStation 2 games, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 3 and some PSP platform games. Most games are fully cloud-streamable on PC and PlayStation 5.


In short, this chip is a comprehensive integration of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services into one segment, with a subscription price of $18 per month /$120 per year.


various new playstation plus service categories


4- PlayStation Plus service includes a new deluxe segment:

This segment of the service is primarily geared to areas that do not officially support PlayStation Now (e.g. the Middle East). This chip offers the same features as PlayStation Plus Premium but at a cheaper price (not yet selected), and previous generational games will be available for download and experience on your PlayStation 5 platform instead of cloud streaming.


Disclaimer: PlayStation Now will not continue as a separate service!

Having talked about all the new PlayStation Plus chipsets, I have to make something clear. Sony has already confirmed that PlayStation Now will not be available separately after launch for the new segments, meaning you won't be able to subscribe to PS Now alone in the future.


After June, you'll have to subscribe to PlayStation Plus Premium or PlayStation Plus Deluxe until you get playStation Now. In general, the company forces you to subscribe to PS Plus and PS Now together if you want to get the benefits of the Now service!


PlayStation Now


sony punishes anyone who tries to "stack up" their subscription!

There's a popular word for game subscriptions, whether on PlayStation or Xbox platforms, stacking. When players find significant discounts on subscription prices on any of the two platforms, they buy a wide range of cards that can be up to 10 years old, for example, and then activate those cards to become a player in service for 10 years or more in the future.


That idea you can currently do on Xbox platforms with Xbox Game Pass and you'll never have any problems. Even if you have problems, you can contact Microsoft Customer Service and they'll solve the problem for you so that your subscription is up for as long as you need even if you're over 20 years old.


A huge number of Sony PlayStation players have decided to buy many cards from PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions at a cheap price, especially since Sony has confirmed that all PS Plus and PS Now subscribers together will be automatically deported to playStation Plus Premium subscription at the official launch of the service in June.


Some players initially bought cards and have already managed to "stack" their PlayStation Now subscriptions for many years to come, so these players will get the most out of it when they are deported on Premium subscription.


Unfortunately, Sony did not seem to see this as normal and decided to stop this idea altogether to ensure that more money was made when the official service was launched in June. Many players are surprised that the cards they bought have become inviable, and they have lost tens of dollars because Sony has completely stopped this possibility!


We currently advise you to stay away from buying PlayStation Plus and PS Now cards if you want to keep your money. Just wait for the launch of the new service and subscribe to the chip you want for any period, even if it is relatively more expensive than the price at which these services are currently available.


playstation plus cards


what is the best playstation plus chip we recommend to you?

If you're a PlayStation player who doesn't care about previous generational games, buy any new exclusive for $60 or $70 at the time of release, and don't want to pay more than $60 a year for a service subscription, the regular chip will be right for you (PS Plus Essential).


this chip offers you a playstation plus subscription that enables you to try online games, as well as some free games per month with the possibility of saving your gaming progress on the cloud.


The second segment (PS Plus Extra) will offer you the same benefits as the first slide, but you'll also get a range of PlayStation first-party games some time after its official launch.


If you want to get the same features as a regular slide as well as a range of first and third party games (second tranche), with a huge library of previous generational games, ps Plus Premium or PS Plus Deluxe will be right for you (specifically Deluxe subscription if you live in the Middle East).


playstation plus service


If you want to see us, we never recommend signing up for the PlayStation Plus Extra chip as it's available at a price very close to Deluxe subscription, offering fewer benefits.


In the end, the new update to PlayStation Plus is a good update that will ensure PlayStation gets more money from the player community, while you as a player will get more benefits that bring you relatively close to the benefits offered under the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription!


in general, share your opinions with us in comments about the new playstation plus chipset, and tell us what slide you want to subscribe to?