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The chances and opportunities connected with technologies

 The chances and opportunities connected with technologies

Next time you send an email to your loved ones, plan a holiday online, or send a photo of your furry friend to your parents, you might choose to tip your hat into technologies.

  Tech, and its usage, is an essential component of our everyday lives.  

It's so pervasive, we'd be hard-pressed to dwell in a world with no. When Sandra Johnson had been young, she believed an engineer was a man or woman who drove a train. 

   "There are numerous reasons elephants can not live with technology," Dr. Johnson says.

  1) Technology Levels the Playing Field: Out of little and medium-size companies to literary, visual and recording musicians, to info dissemination-technology attracts the world to our hands. 

 This supplies a distinctive benefit to members of the black community that have traditionally encountered barriers to achievement in those and other places.

  Technology levels the playing area, so that black voices could be observed, black offerings could be promoted and imagination and innovation can thrive.

2) Economic Empowerment: Technology allows blacks to perform some extraordinary things in the click of a mouse. 

 They can search for just about anything, pay bills, plan holidays, buy amusement, dine and wine in reduced cost and utilize online services to obtain the best banking solutions.

3) Strengthens Family Ties: For individuals people who are no longer residing in physical proximity to their nearest relatives, technology lets them communicate on a regular basis in a cheap method. 

 They can swap photos, share videos, send e-cards, text message and telephone from 1 spot to another in a fraction of what the price was only a couple of decades back. 

4) Professions in Technology Are Wonderful: A livelihood in a technology-related area can be hugely rewarding.  In addition, it can boost your well being. 

 Tech skills are exceptional and also in short supply, the job is gratifying and exciting and the financial benefits are comparatively significant.

 5) Great Futures for Your Kids: During technology, the entire world is literally in your kids' doorstep. 

  Just imagine what might happen if black kids spent some time designing or enhancing games to your Xbox 360 and PS2, or used their creativity to make movies, movies, music and literary functions. 

 The chances and opportunities connected with technologies are endless.According to Dr. Johnson, there are a range of apps available, such as Black Family Technology Awareness Week, offering technology training and access.  


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