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why brand new vehicles have window decals?

why brand new vehicles have window decals?

Did you ever wonder why brand new vehicles have window decals?  Here is the actual cause of the sticker. 

Back in 1958, Senator Michael Monroney suggested a bill that could take the mystery from new automobile rates. 

This bill required that each and every automobile maker to attach a tag to the window which would demonstrate the proposed retail price (MSRP), transport method, freight fees and attachment rates. Ahead of this, cost tags didn't tell the complete story. 

Quite frequently there was a massive discrepancy between the"showroom" cost and the true cost. Presently a consumer can walk into a brand new automobile showroom and shop with confidence.  

The purchase price of an attachment was no more a secret. 

In reality, all hidden fees were now easily available to the client.  Automobile dealers were no more able to inflate costs so as to demonstrate a greater trade in worth

.  Because of this, earnings increased as customer confidence improved.

That is how life is if you employ this principle to whatever you're selling. 

  Even if they don't purchase from you that they will spread your"gospel of fact" for their neighbors and friends.


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